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22nd January 20
Classroom doors open at 8.40am & school starts at 8.55am.

Our Day record is 3,912 hits on 9.10.2019,
Our Week record, with 13,551 hits
week ending 23.9.2018,
and our Month record with 40,059 hits
in September 2018!
Thank you for visiting the Crab Lane website.

Week ending Sunday 19.1.20 we had 4,576 visits to our website.


As the headteacher at Crab Lane Community Primary School, I am very proud of all the children who attend our school and all of their achievements. I am also proud to note the commitment that all parents and staff have to the children and the school.
Amongst the pages of our website you will be able to learn about some of the activities that happen in our school. You will see a celebration of our children's work and information needed to support your child.
I do hope that you enjoy learning more about Crab Lane and hope that you will take the time to post a comment. We are always trying to improve, and with your help we can do so.
Ms. P. Adams

We are a Community Primary School with a Nursery,
our children are aged 3 to 11 years old.

At Crab Lane Primary School we aim to educate children
and let them receive as wide a range of activities and experiences as possible
to ensure an interesting varied and challenging curriculum.
In formulating this policy we aim to ensure the following
•  Every child in the school is treated equally.
•  The trips and events can be planned long term to fit in the curriculum
and school year.
•  The trips are enjoyable and rewarding.
•  The trips are easy to plan and organise.
•  Every child shall leave school with a similar experience.
•  The trips are free of compulsory charge to all children and no child, parent or guardian need feel obliged to contribute to the cost.
•  Our school is attractive to prospective parents.

“At Crab Lane we create a safe and caring environment which celebrates and respects everybody. Working as a team, we value our partnerships with parents, governors and the community.

We will challenge everybody to achieve their full potential:
Be the best person you can!”

We will do this by:
  Building confidence and resilience
•  Developing ambition and aspiration
•  Trusting and respecting each other
•  Looking after each other and our environment.

The Crab Lane entrance pedestrian gate will be open between 7:55am and 9:15am and then be locked until 15:05pm when it be be open until 15:30pm.
There is an intercom for access at all other times.

No dogs allowed on school grounds, except guide dogs.
Please use the designated path for entry into school.
The car park should not be used as a short cut at any time, this includes climbing over fences.

Thank you.

In order to make our catering system more efficient, children in school and nursery will ONLY
be able to change from school dinners to packed lunches (or the other way round) on certain dates in the year.

•  A change to your child’s meal option will start on the first day after a school holiday (4th November, 7th January, 25th February, 20th April, 8th June) only.

•  If you wish your child to change their meal option, a parent or carer will need to sign a form at the school office. This is a good time to discuss payment and confirm any dietary needs

•  The form needs to be signed before a school holiday e.g. if you wish your child to change option for the beginning of January, you will need to sign a form before we break up in December.

•  If you wish your child to change options at short notice for medical reasons, you will need to meet with our Family Support Worker or our School Nurse (who is in school on Tuesday afternoons). On their recommendation we will make an exception for you.

•  Please note: If you have dinner money debts and it is decided that we cannot give your child more meals, this will take effect straight away.

On special occasions e.g. Christmas Dinner, we will, as usual, send home a letter with a reply slip for you to choose a meal option for that day.

School Payments
Did you know you can pay school dinner money online? We are rolling this new scheme out in stages and you will receive a letter when this becomes available to your child.
Scopay is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card.
Click on the Scopay logo for more information.

We’ve made it easier to find
local Jobcentre Plus offices,
benefits and employment information.

Click the link on the left for more information.

Headteacher: Ms. Pat Adams
Crab Lane Community Primary School,
Crab Lane, Higher Blackley, Manchester M9 8NB.
Telephone: 0161 740 2851    Fax: 0161 795 0289.