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24th May 19
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Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated in Crab Lane Primary School and Globally on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.

The day offers the opportunity to highlight positive uses of technology and to explore the role we all play in helping to create a better and safer online community. It calls upon young people, parents, carers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, companies, policymakers, and wider, to join together in helping to create a better internet. Each year group took the afternoon to explore internet safety through discussion and different activities.

See what Crab Lane Primary School did to take part:

Year 1
In Year 1 we had a Talking chips discussion. We used the Talk frame: You can stay safe on the internet by… and came up with the following rules for staying safe:
1. Always have an adult with you.
2. Never give out your password.
3. Do not talk to or meet people you do not know.
4. Do not click buttons if you do not know what they do.
5. Do not tell strangers where you live, go to school or your phone number.
6. Do not reveal any private information.

Year 2
Year 2 watched an interesting video from the Safer Internet Day website, which was organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre.
We talked about how using the internet lots can make us feel, and trying to limit our time spent online.

Year 3
Year 3 discussed what internet safety meant to them. We used our new speaking frames and we talked about how to be safe on the internet. Following our discussion, we tried to create a drawing/ word collage of how we can be nice to people we speak to on the internet and how this feels, as well as saying negative things (cyber bullying). We wanted to create positive online communities!

Year 4
Year 4 talked about using the internet on our phones. We talked about the biggest dangers you could face using apps on our mobile phones, and discussed why we thought this. We were then given different scenarios, where somebody had messaged us, we were given the scenarios as text messages and figured out in groups how we would respond safely.

Year 5
Year 5 discussed how to create positive online communities. Using our speaking frames, we talked about how using the internet made us feel and what parts of the internet made us feel this. We also talked about how we could stay safe and happy on the internet. We then discussed how using the internet can connect us to others in positive ways. We took a ‘selfie’ and wrote positive messages around our selfie to encourage a positive use of the internet.


Year 4/5D
Today we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We wrote our own profiles and ‘made friends’ by sharing information that we have in common. We then discussed how information on the Internet is never private and that we need to be careful about what we share with people that we do not know.

Using the fabulous resources provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre -

for Safer Internet Day 2015
all classes from Reception right up to
Year 6 were able to have great fun whilst learning all about keeping safe while using the internet.

Some of the resources included these dice,
which allowed children to create scenarios with characters using the internet. They were then given a dilemma, for which they had to work out what to do!

Some children were lucky enough to take part in
making a recipe for a better internet. They had to think
of 5 important rules or pieces of advice that would keep children safe online.

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