Crab Lane Community Primary School

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14th October 19


This week we were drawing the forest garden's map. You wouldn't believe how quickly the time went, the half hour slot didn't give us enough time to forest garden and finish colouring our maps as well!

The children definitely would like to return and hope their teachers choose them again soon. Some thought they could come every week. One of our Forest Gardener's said that, if he could, he would do it every day!

We went out on bug hunts before and after the holiday. We had worksheets with pictures and names of bugs to look for and we managed to find most of them, they especially liked living under the plastic cones.


The magnifying glasses made our mini beast look even BIGGER.

Moreover, we found some pretty flowers and dandelion seeds to blow away too. We looked for bugs everywhere, and even climbed a tree. :-D

Finally, we got Mr. Moss in the pictures too. He is running 'Woodland Garden' on Mondays so you'll be seeing a lot more of him now.

Before the holiday we were doing leaf rubbing as well. We made really nice marks created by the textures of the leaves that we found.


I wish I could go out with every group to take photos of the wonderful work that children are doing with our forest garden's flower bed. They are clearing it out to get it ready for some planting.

We found lots of mini beasts again in the Woodland Garden: spiders, woodlice, ladybirds, bees, beetles and ants, and they sometimes made the children jump… but the hardest job to do was clearing the nettles.
                                                                       Mrs. Fercsi