Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - I think for myself and make smart choices that are good for me.

Crab Lane Roles & Responsibilities 2021-2022

Mr. Hughes

Miss. Harrison

Mrs. White

Mrs. Kendall

Mrs. Davidge

Mrs. Cohen
Mrs. Shuell
Mrs. Halloran

Miss. Duignan

Miss. Davidge

Mr. Dodd

Miss. Stoker

Mr. Dwelly

Miss. Donnelly

Mrs. Murray

Mr. Callaghan

Miss. Martin

Mrs. Walker

Miss. Molloy

Miss. Jones

Mr. Thompson

Mrs. Paddison

Mrs. Shackleton
Mrs. Webb

Mrs. Fercsi

Miss. Alfrey

Miss. Gardner

Mrs. O'Sullivan

Miss. J. Foster

Miss. Riley

Miss. Yates

Executive Headteacher

Head of School
Maternity Leave June 2021 - May 2022

Acting Head of School
Pupil Premium
Health & Safety
Acting English Leader Sept 2021 - Dec 2021

Acting EYFS Leader Nov 2021 - May 2022

Business Manager


Maths Leader
Science Leader
NQT Mentor

Key Stage 1 Leader
Rerieval Practice
MFL Leader
Oracy Champion

Key Stage 2 Leader
Oracy Leader

English Leader
Maternity Leave until Jan 2022

TBC Jan 2022

Family Support Worker
Youth Mental Health First Aider

Attendance Officer

Reading Leader
Art Leader

D&T Leader

Geography Leader
Forest Schools
Maternity Leave from Nov 2021

History Leader

PSHE Leader, including Healthy Schools

Computing Leader
NQT Mentor

Music Leader
RE Leader

RSE Leaders

EAL Leader

English EYFS
Oracy Champion

Maths EYFS

Expressive Arts and Design EYFS

Communication and Language EYFS

English and SEND EYFS
Maternity Leave from Nov 2021

Maths EYFS
Maternity Leave from June 2021