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Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Crab Lane Library

Stories for all age groups. Online available for free!

The QR codes and links in the document lead to free story readings on Youtube and all of the books are read aloud by their fabulous authors and illustrators.

Find plenty of opportunities for reading:

What are you reading? Send me an email:         

                                                      Mrs Fercsi

Book Cover Competition
We have a book cover competition in our school. Drawings are still coming in and the display looks wonderful with lots of different book covers that the children have designed. Some of the children wrote book review as well to accompany their art work.

This time, I have an easy job as I am not going to be the judge.

Children are allowed one vote for their favourite cover design and the lucky winner will get an ASDA £5 gift voucher. The competition is on until 24th of May and the winner will be announced after the two weeks holiday, in the Good Work Assembly.
                                                                                                                    Mrs. Fercsi

Book Cover Competition update...

What a popular competition this was! I received and put on display 47 book covers...
and then the voting began. I Received 175 valid votes from our students.

Initially, the intention was to give out three certificates but the votes were so close and all the work was so good. So instead, the top five received shiny certificates and the winner happily collected a £5 Asda voucher too!

A special certificate went out to one of the children, as he entered the competition himself but he voted for a classmate's book cover, saying :''He tried hard!''.
Which shows how our students are carrying the mission of Crab Lane,
‘Building confidence and resilience’. Congratulations children!
                                                                                                                Mrs. Fercsi

Library organisation

The books and reading material are organised into different categories:

Accessing the library from home

We are all very excited about the library and the school has purchased an excellent software package to help us keep track of which books are on loan. Please see the next page of this letter for more information about how you can access this software at home.

Accessing the library software at home

The software package we have purchased is called ‘micro librarian’.

To access it, type in the following address:

To enable access to microlibrarian, you may be directed to 'Silverlight' which is a free download. Simply double click the 'Silverlight' icon and follow download instructions. Once loaded, on future visits, you will go directly to the microlibrarian site.

You will then be directed to the following homepage.
Click ‘log on’ and type in your reader number (your teacher will give this to you).

Your reader number is both the username and the password.

Once you are inside the website you can use the search function at the top of the page. In this example, somebody has searched for ‘the wizard of oz’. Our computer system then searches the school library to see if we have that book.

Remember you can search by author, title or key word.

If you find a book you like the look of (like Roald Dahl’s Esio Trot below) you can click on the green circle and reserve it.

If you click on the pink button, it lets you write a review of the book,
so whenever you bring a book back, make sure you let everybody else know
what you thought of it!

Don’t worry if you do not have the internet at home. You can access the website in school or simply browse the library to find the perfect book to borrow!