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Computing Activities


Creating a Presentation

This week we are looking at creating presentations using computers. Presentations let you demonstrate your learning, or what you are trying to teach (if you are a teacher). Many jobs use presentations as a way of sharing information. You may also know a presentation by it's other name 'slide show', as you are putting lots of slides together to create a small show. Using Prezi ( Click on the basic section, and ask an adult to help you sign up. Then create a presentation, telling us about yourself. Have a watch of the video below to give you some starting tips to help. Remember to send to to share your computing work.

Further Coding

Our last coding session is all about creating your own paint game. This combines art and computing. Again, have a watch of the video and send over your attempts.


Coding Other Items

I hope you enjoyed coding your game last week. This week we are going to have a go at coding other items using Scratch. I would like you to have a go at coding a clock to tell the time, just like the time games we see in school. Have a watch of the video, and send over your attempts at creating a working clock!

Coding Games.

In school, when teaching coding, we use a program called Scratch. Over the next few weeks, we will be completing some different coding tasks. The first one is to code a simple game. 

First of all, what is coding?

When you learn to code you can make things happen on your computer.

You can make anything you want with code. It could be a game, some pictures or a film.

Computer code is a set of rules or instructions. It is made up of words and numbers and when you put them in the right order it will tell your computer what you want it to do. You can program lots of things with code.


Watch the video below and have a go at creating your own game.