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For our ‘Manchester and Me’ project, Year 4 were enquiring as to how Manchester has changed since the Victorian times. We started looking first at how city centres might have changed due to technology, and noted differences between roads, canals, building and public spaces. We investigated what ‘public’ means, and started looking into parks, where we discovered that the first purpose built children’s playground was actually built in Manchester city centre! Then we had a think about how parks have changed, and what would make a great park in a space near us.

After that, we investigated how transport has changed, and how things like trams, buses, trains and pedestrians zones have all changed since the Victorian times, especially cycle lanes, and why that might be a good thing.

Finally, we tracked how trees, spaces and public buildings like libraries have changed in the last 100 years.

Year 2 have been exploring the question:
What is it like in the City of Manchester?

We did lots of map work and exploring Manchester. We discovered landmarks and found out lots of information about the city. 

Can I create a poem based on where I live?

Children then created their own poem, providing their own take on why their home and area is so unique! They used their Oracy skills to present their work.

Over the past few weeks Year 1L have been learning about Geography within our project lessons. We compared the city we live in, Manchester, to another city called Calgary which is in Canada.

We researched and learnt about the differences and similarities between the two places in regards to how schools work, the weather and animals there. We then practiced and performed some drama to showcase what we had learnt. We interviewed a "Calgary student", we presented a Calgary weather report and we interviewed a park ranger who told us about Canadian animals. Enjoy the videos below :)