Crab Lane Primary School

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Fabulous Felt

In Jewellery Club, we have been making bracelets with felt, seed beads and sparkly cotton. First, we wrapped a 2cm by 5cm length
 of felt tightly around a thin knitting needle. Then we secured the shape of the felt bead by wrapping cotton around it, stitching the start and end of the cotton into the felt to stop it unravelling. We made six of these which was enough to make a bracelet.

We kept the finished felt beads on a separate knitting needle so they didn't lose their shape, then one by one we sewed on lots of tiny seed beads.

The felt beads were then threaded onto a length of stretch elastic with a large pearl effect bead in between to separate them. The elastic was tied in a tight knot and pulled gently inside one of the felt rolled beads to hide it.

We were really pleased with our bracelets and we made and decorated gift boxes to put them in. Why don't you make one?

Felt is very cheap, great for jewellery making and makes it a very affordable hobby.
If you're not sure where to buy the materials used in any of the Jewellery Club projects,
just pop in to see Mrs Hatton and she'll give you any tips, templates or information you
need to get started.