Crab Lane Primary School

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Wet & Needle Felted Jewellery

How to make wet felted beads

You will need:

Merino wool tops, 1 tbsp washing up liquid, A small bowl of warm water (about 2 ltrs), Needle, Cotton & beads,
 Earring hooks, Head pins, 
Phone charm strap, Small pliers


  1. First, take a golf ball size of wool and splash it with warm soapy water. GENTLY start to roll it into a little ball, putting hardly any pressure on it. Do this for about a minute. Drop back into the water and repeat. Keep repeating this pattern. Each bead takes about 20 minutes to make.

When your wool balls reduce in size and feel firm, rinse in cold water and leave to dry overnight. Now the beads are ready to decorate.

  3. Use a thin knitting needle to make a hole through the bead, you may need adult help for this.

  4. Thread cotton through the needle. Double it up and tie a knot at the end.

  5. Thread your beads on - as many as you want. Then place your finished beads on a head pin, which is a long thin metal pin.

  6. Put a small bead on the end of the head pin to stop the felted bead coming off, then put the felted bead on and attach the head pin to your earring hooks/phone charm strap with small pliers. Ask an adult to help you with this.

  7. Now your jewellery is ready to wear.
 Jewellery Club is great!

Needle Felting

In another class, the children needle felted their designs onto the beads. We had to be very careful and keep our eyes on the job all the time as a very sharp barbed felting needle is used to punch colourful patterns into the wet felted beads.