Crab Lane Primary School

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Shrink Plastic Jewellery

Camera shy Alisha and Megan made shrink plastic badges this week.
First they designed their badges. Alisha, a huge Justin Bieber fan, used a computer for hers, whilst Megan hand drew her lovely flower.

They traced their designs on Shrink Plastic and coloured with pale shades, doing any dark outlines last. The badges were cut out and holes made to dangle charms from.

Then the exciting part... using the heat gun to shrink their badges. As the plastic shrinks, the colours deepen and that's why Megan and Alisha used pale colours. An oven on a low heat can also be used to shrink the plastic.

Then little heart charms were added, brooch pins glued to the backs and we made our favourite gift boxes to take them home in.

We used 'Shrink Plastic' to make exclusive rings, necklaces, charms and bracelets.

If you would like to make Shrink Plastic jewellery you will need:

Shrink Plastic
, Felt pens, Scissors, Brooch pin, Glue

and the help of an adult to put it in a pre-heated oven to shrink.