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School Closure/Covid 19 Info/Newsletters

16th July 2020 - September Opening

13th July 2020

22nd June 2020
Dear parents and carers
I hope that you and your families are safe and well.
From today we have opened school to some Year 6 children as well as the children of key workers who have been coming in to school since the start of the lockdown.
Next Monday,  a few Year 1 children will be coming in to school. Year 6 and Year 1 children will not be coming in to school on a full time basis.
Risk assessments have been undertaken in order to ensure that children and staff  are as safe as possible.
The groups will be kept separate from each other throughout the day. They will take breaks at different times. Staff have been placed on rotas that mean they will only work with specific groups of children.
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that school will be closed to all children from 3pm on Thursday 16th July. This is in order that staff can take their holidays. You will be aware that staff have only had a break of one week since lockdown began. No school work will be provided during the 6 week break.
The government believes that schools can be opened for all children in September.
Our school will only open to all children if the Governors agree that it is safe to do so. I will keep you informed about this. 
Kind regards
Ms Adams
9th June 2020
Dear Parents/Carers,
I hope that you and your families are well and staying safe.
I want to provide you with an update of the plans for school to open for more children in the next few weeks.
The decision has been made that no children from Nursery or Reception will return before September. 
We contacted all the parents/carers of the Y6 children and currently we have confirmation that 9 pupils from this year group will be returning to school. These children will be split across 2 classrooms in order to maintain social distancing. It was planned that this group would return to school on Mondays and Tuesdays only from 22nd June. However, as the R rate is now 1.1 in the North West this date may change. We will keep you informed.
We anticipate that a small group of Year 1 parents may want to send their child in before the end of term. This group would be spread over the necessary number of classrooms for social distancing. A date for their return will be decided in relation to the date that Year 6 children return to school. If your child is in Year 1 please let me know by phoning me on 07516 927247 or emailing me whether or not you wish your child to come back to school for a short period before the end of term.
The health and safety of children and staff is the highest priority at this time.
Kind regards
Ms Adams
25th May 2020
Dear parents /carers
I do hope that you and your children are all safe and well.
As you know, the Prime Minister has told the nation that he would like primary schools to open to children in Early Years, Year 1 and Year 6 from June 1st.
You will be aware that both schools are closing to ALL children the week of 1st June and will reopen to the children whose parents are key workers on 8th June. We intend to open Crumpsall Lane for vulnerable children later in June.
A message was sent to parents asking for your opinions on reopening the schools and the vast majority of you told us that you felt that it was too early to open as you believed that your child is safer at home. You believed very strongly that the younger children will not be able to keep socially distant.
At this point in time, we agree with you.
Until such time that we believe that we can keep children, staff, parents and carers as safe as we all can possibly be in the light of the coronavirus, both schools will remain closed to additional children with the exception of those Year 6 children whose parents would like them to be in school.
A separate letter will be sent to those parents after 8th June.
With my very best wishes.
Ms Adams

15th May 2020
The phased return of children to school from week commencing 1st June.

11th May 2020
Dear parents/carers
I'm sure that you all watched the Prime Minister's message last night expecting to be told when your children can return to school.
The date of June 1st was mentioned as a conditional date to return starting with children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.
There was little certainty to the message and the Local Authority will be working with headteachers across the city to unpick whether this is possible.
As soon as a clear message is available we will let you know.
Best wishes and stay safe.
Ms Adams

8th May 2020
Dear children,
It was so lovely to see so many of you this week! I do hope that you enjoyed seeing your teachers and other staff because they really enjoyed seeing your smiles when you saw your chocolate eggs.
All the teachers are amazed by the work that you are sending in.
These are very strange times for all of us and I'm sure that you will be missing all of the activities that you are used to doing with your grans and grandads and other family. This won't be forever but for now we need to keep safe.
By Monday we will have more information about when school will open and we will let you and your parents/carers know.
On Friday 8th May, we have a special Bank Holiday to celebrate VE day. This special day is to mark 75 years since the end of the 2nd World War in Europe. This is a good time to think about all those people who were courageous and made sacrifices to bring peace to Europe. We must say thank you to all those who gave so much so that we can live peacefully in Europe.
At this time, we have to be brave.
Stay safe, be kind and look after each other.
Have a lovely weekend!
 Ms. Adams

10th April 2020
Dear parents/carers
At the end of week 3 of home schooling, I am pleased to see that you are taking your teacher role very seriously.
More children are now in contact with their teachers letting them know about the learning that they have completed with your support. Some parents/carers have contacted school letting us know that you are finding it difficult to access the on-line learning and have requested more paper based copies. Please let us know if this is the case for you and we will post these to you.
As you know, we are a healthy school and Manchester’s Healthy Schools organisation has sent some information about how you can support your child whilst at home around e-safety, They have also developed a parent/carer home school toolkit and a small steps for learning worksheet. These are attached for your information.
A senior member of staff is in school each day so please telephone if you would like support with anything or information about anything that is happening. In the meantime, please stay safe.
Ms Adams

8th April 2020

Please note this letter is only relevant if your child is a pupil premium child and receives Free School Meals. This letter does not apply to families of children in Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y2 who get a free lunch everyday a part of the Universal Free School Meal entitlement.

Dear Parents/Carers,
From Friday 17th April, the Council’s voucher scheme for parents whose children eligible for Free School Meals will be discontinued. Instead, there will be a national scheme to provide supermarket vouchers from 20th April onwards, which will operate during term time only.
The weekly voucher will have a value of £15 per week and can be used at a range of supermarkets.  We will send an ‘eCode’ directly to the email address of any parent or carers of pupils eligible for Free School Meals which will enable you to choose an eGift card from the supermarket of your choice. Please inform school of your correct email address.
If you do not have access to an email account, please could you contact us as soon as possible, as we will be able to print and post the eGift card to any parent unable to access this service online.
I have attached a document which provides further information for parents and carers about the scheme. If you have any questions about the scheme or feel as though you need any other support at this difficult time, please do not hesitate to school.
Ms Adams

3rd April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers
As we reach the end of week 2 of home schooling, I do hope that you are all well and keeping safe.
I would like to thank the teachers who are spending their time at home making sure that your child has enough learning activities to keep them occupied at this challenging time.
Some children are emailing or sending blogs to their teacher. This is a great way to keep in touch and the teachers appreciate this very much. However, we are not receiving messages from everybody. If you have access to the internet, please go to the website and make sure that your child emails or sends a blog to their teacher so that we know that they are safe and well and accessing the learning. If you don’t have internet access, please phone school to let us know and we will find other ways of getting learning activities to your child.
If your child receives free school meals, a message has been sent requesting your email address. Many of you have responded quickly. We are still waiting for several email details from some parents. These are essential so that you can receive your e-gift voucher for free school meals from 20th April, when the government will be providing these.
Again, if you don’t have access to an email account, please contact school as soon as possible as we will be able to print and post the e-gift card to any parent unable to access this service online. If you have any questions about the scheme or feel as though you need any other support at this time, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Ms Adams

Free School Meal Voucher Information

Please read the information in the school newsletters regarding changes to FSMs.

  • If you are unable to access vouchers through this scheme,
    please contact

    Mr. Hughes: 07934 730965