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Nursery Home Learning

Hello Nursery! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has sent us emails so far - we love seeing all your pictures of you doing busy jobs at home!

Have a look at the Nursery Gallery here to see if you can spot your picture! 

Week Commencing 13.07.20

Hello everyone!

This week is our last week of Summer 2 and that means you have completed your year of Nursery! A big well done to you all.

By the end of the week you all should have had a special pack delivered by your key worker. We have included a home learning pack for this week with lots of ideas and activities to keep you busy.

We are so sad that our time together was cut short this year but we will make sure to visit you lots in September to see you all in your new Reception class! Have a look at your graduation video here and see if you can spot yourself!

Have a great summer and see you all soon,

The Nursery Team


Week Commencing 06.07.20

Hello everybody. I hope you are all well. Here are some fun pirate activities to keep you busy :) 

Week Commencing 29.06.20

Hi everyone! We are missing you all lots. Here are some more home learning activity ideas for you to try :)





Week commencing 22.06.20

Hey nursery. Here is this weeks home learning :) 

Week Commencing 08.06.20

Hello everybody! Hope you have had a nice break. Here are this weeks home learning challenges. 

We have added some extra resources to help with your learning this week. Please remember to send in photos of your fantastic work so we can share it in our gallery. 

Links to this weeks learning



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Weeks Commencing 25.05.20 and 01.06.20

Hello everybody! We have come to the end of our New Life topic and it is now our 2 week half term holiday. We hope you are all happy, healthy and safe and we would like you to know that we miss you all lots and hope to see you again soon!

Here are some links to some great websites and apps that will help to keep you busy over the next two weeks: 

Hungry Little Minds: For many different fun activities-

The Imagination Tree: Creative ideas for learning and games-

Reading Eggs: Great for reading and interactive games-

Phonics Hero: This app gives great support in helping children learn to read-

Book Trust: A great selection of books for engaging reading-

Maths Seeds: A lovely way to develop Maths skills-

Week Commencing 18.05.20

Hello Nursery! Here are this weeks home learning challenges. We hope you are well and keeping busy. Don't forget to send us your photos at


Week commencing 11.05.20

Hi everybody. Hope everyone is well :) Here are this weeks home learning activities.

Here are the links and examples to this weeks activities.




Week commencing 04.05.20

Here are your home learning activities for this week, don't forget to send us your pictures at

Links to this weeks learning:

Phonics (this is super important!):



Fine Motor Fun

Activity 3: Cutting and pattern making
For this activity you can use some paper, colourful pens, pencils, chalks, pastels etc and some scissors.

Using a pinchy parrot grip your job is to draw some patterns or lines across your paper. Use your scissors to cut across and stay on the lines of your drawn pattern.

Challenge: Once you've had a few turns, can you draw tricky patterns? Maybe try some zig zags or squiggles? Try and stay on the line as much as you can!

A message from us all...



Week commencing 27.4.20

Hello everybody! We hope you are all well! Here is the home learning for this week. A big thank you to all the children who have been in touch. We love to see what you have been up to :)

Fine motor fun

Activity 2: Cardboard Threading

For this activity you can use some cardboard (ask a grown up to make some holes in your cardboard, this can form a pattern, shape or anything you like) and either a shoe lace, string, thread or yarn

Before you begin you might need to ask a grown up to tie a knot on one end of your string. Using your busy fingers thread your string through each hole very carefully. It might be quite tricky at first but when you keep practicing you will become a master threader.

Challenge: Can you use different colours of string, shoe lace or thread to make a rainbow pattern?

All the Nursery teachers would love to see some photos of your finger gym masterpieces, don't forget to keep in touch.


Week commencing 20.4.20

We hope you have all had a lovely Easter with your families! Here are this weeks Home Learning Activities:

Links to this weeks learning:


Nursery Rhyme:


Edinburgh Zoo:



Week commencing 13.4.20

 Happy Easter everybody! We hope you have a lovely Easter break. We have some fun Easter activities to keep you busy at home. Don't forget to keep in touch via our parent email address. We love to hear what you have been up to and see photographs of the exciting things you have been doing at home!

  • Decorate some hard-boiled eggs, to make them bright and colourful. You could use pens or paint and add some extra decorations, such as stickers, feathers, pom-poms or googly eyes.  
  • Can you draw an Easter Egg? Can you decorate it with lots of different patterns and colours?  
  • Egg and spoon race. All of the family have to get involved for this one. You could even use the decorated eggs you made earlier. An egg and spoon race is a great bit of fun that will get all the family outside and moving (please remember to stay safe).Make sure nobody is cheating though... you could also do a wheelbarrow race if you're really enjoying yourself.

  • Egg starts with the letter 'e'. Can you think of anything else that starts with the letter 'e'? Can you draw pictures of things that begin with 'e'?  
  • Do the bunny hopthis is a great activity to  burn some energy and stretch your limbs.  Form a line, crank up the music, and get hopping! 
  • Find all the hidden eggs in this online Easter egg hunt.                                                       


You can find lots more fun activities on the following websites:


Fine Motor Fun

Hey everyone, it's Miss Connaughton here.
I hope you are keeping your brains and bodies very busy. Remember it's also important for us to exercise our fingers too. For this activity you can use paper, paint, colourful pens, pencils, sponges, pom poms, cotton buds and paint brushes. Be as creative as you wish :)

Using a pinchy parrot grip your first job is to write your name. Once you have written your name use your colourful bits and bobs to decorate your beautiful handwriting. I also decorated the rest of my piece of paper, you can do this too.

Challenge: Can you write the names of the people who live in your house?

All the Nursery teachers would love to see some photos of your finger gym masterpieces, don't forget to keep in touch by sending us an email!



Week commencing 6.4.20

Here are this weeks activities we would like you to do at home.

Please send us your photos at

Week commencing 30.3.20

Week commencing 23.3.20

During this week, we would like you to spend time working on some of the activities that are in your Home Learning Packs!

Please begin with the following activities:

  • Maths Pizza Shapes Can the children recognise each shape?

  • Pencil Control Sheets Can the children practice their pencil control using their pinchy parrot (tripod) grip?
  • Cutting Skills SheetChildren need to practise their cutting skills! Can they cut out the farm objects with minimum support?
  • Name Writing Practise – By the end of Nursery, we would like all the children to be able to write their names! Can the children copy the letters from their name?

If you would like to take any pictures of your learning, we would love to see them! 

please email us on:

Mr Callaghan's Challenge: Fred's Fridge

Hi Nursery, can you find out what's in Fred's fridge? Email in on the link below to let me know!

Mr Callaghan