Crab Lane Primary School

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Reception 2021

                                                  Week beginning 22.11.21                                    

Shared Read Write  

This week we had a very cheeky visitor in Reception who left behind a very messy tuft tray! We discussed who could have left such a mess and after sharing our ideas, we discovered that it was The Gingerbread Man!


We have been very busy in the environment this week. We have been labeling our favourite characters, making acorn decorations, writing Christmas lists and acting out the story of ‘The three little pigs’.  We also developed our printing skills by decorating Christmas trees with circles and triangles.

Christmas fayre preparations

In preparation for the Christmas fayre, the children have been busy making bath bombs which turned out great!

                                         Week beginning 15.11.21                            

Shared Read Write

This week we have been retelling the story of The 3 little pigs using the story map that we created and we even recorded the performance for the nursery children to watch.


During math's we have been exploring part-whole models, 1 more/1 less and discussing circles and triangles. We know that circles have 1 curved side and triangles have 3 sides and 3 corners.


Our Christmas nativity practice is now in full swing. We have all been given our roles and will be practicing our songs, actions and lines over the coming weeks!

We have also enjoyed playing with our new nativity scene to retell the story.



We have been very busy in the environment this week. We made our own story maps, Christmas lists and even developed our skill of printing to recreate the 3 little pigs houses.

                                          Week beginning 08.11.21                              

This week we have continued to explore our key text of ‘The three little pigs’. We have learnt our 'sticky knowledge' and key vocabulary that stories have a beginning, middle and end. We have also been busy building sentences and making a story map so that we can retell the story.

During math's we have been exploring 1 more and one less, comparing more and less and finding different ways of making 3 (3+0, 2+1, 1+2, 0+3).

During ‘Now press play’, the children were introduced to the Christmas story. They listened carefully and acted it out. We then talked about who was in the story and discussed why we celebrate Christmas. 

Manchester City in the Community

This week the children enjoyed a taster session from 'Manchester City in the Community', where they learned all about the emergency services, whilst developing physical skills. They had so much fun 

During our topic time, we have been learning all about Diwali. We made our own Diva lamps and created Mehndi patterns in the creative area. We also learned about remembrance day and created our own poppies.

Creating diva lamps

Creating mehndi patterns

Creating poppies

Week beginning 01.11.21

 It has been a very busy week back in reception after the half term break. We started our new topic of traditional tales and the children have been enjoying exploring our new key text ' The three little pigs'. We enjoyed listening to the story, acting it out, talking about and drawing the characters and using our phonics to label them.

During topic we have been learning all about bonfire night and how to keep safe. The children enjoyed making their own firework pictures and even labelled them.

During math's we have been exploring the composition of numbers 1 2 and 3. The children have been recognising the numeral (written form), how the numbers can be represented in different ways and how numbers are made up of smaller numbers (composition).

This week the children have been moved into their new phonics groups to enable them to make further progress.

You can support your children at home by completing their phonics homework each week!

Now Press Play

This week we started our new topic of traditional tales. The children were introduced to our new key text 'The three little pigs'. Through the use of our 'Now press play' equipment, the children brought the story to life, acting out the different characters and had so much fun. The experience challenged the children's listening and understanding. Afterwards, we discussed who the characters were and who was their favorite.

Week Beginning 18.10.21

Reception have had a busy last week of half-term!  In Shared, Read Write we have been learning more about our Supertato class text, using story maps to help us retell the story to our friends. In Maths, we have been exploring positional language by playing bingo and board games. During choosing time, we have been: following recipes to make magic potions; writing the sounds we have learnt in phonics in green ‘slime’; making creepy skeleton pictures; rescuing bugs from a spider web and playing with the haunted small-world castle. We also had our Spooky Day on Friday. We dressed up in some fantastic costumes, made delicious Halloween biscuits, and carved our own key group pumpkins. We even visited the deep, dark forest behind school to go on a spooky hunt. What a lot of fun!

Happy Half Term everyone!



Reception C enjoyed exploring the forest this week!

After an Autumn walk and sharing a story, the children enjoyed a

leaf threading activity, developing their fine motor skills! 


The children have been working hard practicing their harvest songs for our EYFS Harvest Assembly. We hope you enjoy our super singing!


Week beginning 11.10.21

It has been a lovely Autumnal week in Reception!

We have been to the forest, explored leaf threading, harvested our pumpkins - which inspired some amazing artwork and we have also been creating leaf men. 

The children have been searching high and low for the Evil Pea but they have still not found him! During a trip to the forest to look for him, the children found lots of clues and discovered a note from the Evil Pea! We decided to make ‘wanted’ posters to catch him and the children have been thinking about how to describe the Evil Pea! 

The small world area has been taken over by vegetables and there has been some lovely role play and retelling of our key text ‘Supertato’. 

In Maths we have been busy comparing size. We have been developing our language and key vocabulary such as ‘long/longer/longest, short/shorter/shortest, tall/taller/tallest. 

We have also been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy this week, by discussing different foods, moving our bodies and why it is important to look after our teeth. 














Reception L enjoyed exploring the forest this week!

After an Autumn walk and sharing a story, the children enjoyed a

leaf threading activity, developing their fine motor skills! 

Pumpkin picking

Week Beginning 04.10.21

It has been a very mysterious week in Reception!

The children made a discovery in the playground… They found lots of vegetables that had been trapped and needed help … but who did it? 

The children were very excited to find out, and after reading our new key text - ‘Supertato’, we found the culprit! Of course it was the Evil Pea! 

Our rainbow challenges this week have encouraged the children to apply their phonics in their writing and they have been busy matching and comparing.

The children also performed their Autumn songs in a Harvest assembly and they were all superstars!

We have also enjoyed practicing our yoga skills!

Week Beginning 27.09.21

We have had a lovely week of learning in Reception this week!

We started the week by celebrating European languages day, where we had a go at learning a French greetings song and tasted different French food. 

We have also been learning all about the Harvest festival and have been practicing 2 new songs before we take part in our Harvest assembly next week! 

The children have been doing a great job at taking part!

Our rainbow challenges this week have encouraged the children to label their pictures using their phonics and to explore different ways of making patterns.

Classroom rules and routines are now becoming more familiar to the children and they are settling in really 

Week Beginning 20.09.21

This week the children have been eager to complete our rainbow challenges in the environment. We have continued with the challenge of ’‘I can write my name’’ and our new challenge this week has been ‘’I can make a repeating pattern’’ 

In phonics we have moved into our key groups which will enable the children to make steady progress with their reading and writing.

The children have been busy with their independent learning both indoors and out. We have observed some lovely role play - the children have great imagination

Week Beginning 13.09.21

We are really enjoying getting to know our new reception friends as we continue to settle into our new class.

This week the children have been introduced to our rainbow challenges, where they complete tasks in the environment. Our rainbow challenge this week has been ‘I can write my name’ and the children have been keen to complete this challenge - such superstars!. 

In math's we have been continuing to explore numbers to 5 and creating patterns.

In phonics we have been learning to read and write the sounds ‘m’ ‘a’ ‘s’ ‘d’ ‘t’. This is also the focus of this week's homework and your child will be bringing home these sounds to practice.

Week Beginning 06.09.21

What a wonderful first week we have had settling into our Reception class! We have been enjoying getting to know each other and establishing our class rules and routines. It has been a very positive start to our journey in Reception.

Our topic this half term is ‘Ourselves’ and we have been enjoying making self-portraits, drawing who lives in our homes and engaging in role play in the home corner. We are now familiar with the different areas both inside and outside the classroom. In math's, we have been enjoying learning counting songs to 10 and practicing our number formation. In phonics, we have been learning our friends names and listening to the sounds that we can hear.

Next Friday, we will be having a parents meeting from 9am - 9.30am to put your mind at ease about your child’s transition into Reception.

Please take a look in the homework section of the website each week to support your child on their learning journey!