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Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Reception HomewoRK

Homework is uploaded on the Reception page of the Crab Lane website on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday. Photographs of completed homework can be sent to the parents e-mail address. We will share these photos with the class in school on the big screen!!

The parents e-mail is:



The children will be bringing home the sounds which they have been learning in phonics this week. Please can they practice saying and writing the sounds.


For homework this week, as well as working on their weekly phonics sheets, we would like children to use the lollipop sticks they brought home to design their very own fairy-tale character stick puppet. These will be added to our class library for children to re-tell fairy-tales with.  We are looking forward to seeing your marvelous creations!


Next week we will be exploring all things ‘Autumn’.

We would appreciate it if you could take the time to go on an Autumn walk over the weekend and the children can bring in the Autumn things they collect along the way. 

Colourful autumn leaves would be very helpful as the children will be making their own ‘leaf man’.

The children will also be bringing home the sounds they have been learning this week during phonics. Please practice saying and writing the sounds!


The children will be bringing home the sounds which they have been learning in phonics this week. Please can they practice saying and writing the sounds. 



To help us get to know each other better, it would be lovely to see what your child likes to do at home. Could you please send a photo of what your child has been doing over the weekend to our Reception email:  

These photos will be shared on our big screen in class next week!

We can't wait to get to know all of our reception friends!



Hi boys and girls! You will have taken your phonics homework home with you today (Friday).

Here is a reminder of the sounds you are going to be practising at home:

Butterfliesir, air, ou, oy 

Red words - put, I, the, he, your, my, no, of, said


Bumblebeesee, igh, ow

Red words -  the, no


Ladybirds - ch, th, qu, ng, nk

Caterpillars and Antsw, v, y, z



Hello everyone! You will have taken home your phonics homework. These are the sounds you are practicing:

Butterflies - oo, ar, or, air, ir. Red words - the, of, I, my, he

Bumblebees - ng, nk

Ladybirds - v, y, w, z, x

Caterpillars - j, v, y, w, z


For an extra challenge for Maths, have a go at playing this ladybird game:

Can you count the spots on the ladybird and click the matching numeral?


Hello boy and girls!

We were so disappointed that our Reception bubble had to close this morning.  Thank you to parents, carers (and children!) for being so understanding when we announced the news as you were dropping children off for school. School will be in touch to inform you about the length of our bubble closure ASAP. 
In the meantime, Reception staff will be uploading four pieces of home learning each day on Google Classroom: one piece of maths work, one piece of literacy work, one piece of topic work and one story time session.  Please contact your class teacher via the parents email if you are unsure of your child's login details (
As always please send in pictures of home learning on Google classrooms or to our parents email.
Many thanks,
The Reception Team :)

Friday 16th April Homework

Here are your phonics sounds for the week:

Butterflies - ay, ee, igh, ow, oo

Bumblebees - ch, th

Ladybirds - l, h, r, j

Caterpillars - f, e, l, h, r


For your additional homework this week we would like you to complete a part part whole. Roll a dice to find one part and write the number in the part. Roll the dice again to find another part and write the number in the second part. Then add them both together. Use counters or objects to help you count!

Here is an example:

As an additional challenge can you write the number sentence? eg.

3 + 4 = 7

Please send us photos to our parent email address!



Thursday 1st April Homework

On Thursday you will have taken home your phonics homework. Please complete this and take a picture and send it to our parents email address.

Butterflies - th, qu, ch

Bumblebees - ng, nk

Ladybirds - f, j, x, y

Caterpillars - t, i, n, p

Friday 26th March Homework

Hello everyone! On Friday you will take home your phonics homework - once again please take a picture of your completed work and send a picture to our email address! These are the sounds you are to practice at home:

Butterflies - ay, ee, nk, ng, oo (in look/book)

Bumblebees - sh, th, ch, qu

Ladybirds - v, y, w, z

Caterpillars - t, i, n, p

Friday 19th March Homework

For this week's homework we would like you to complete and send a picture of your completed phonics homework that you have been given. These are all sounds we have been learning this week.

Butterflies - ay, ee, igh, ow, oo

Bumblebees - sh, qu, th, ch

Ladybirds - l, h, r, j

Caterpillars - m, a, s, d


Also we would like you to choose one Maths challenge from the sheet below. Again, please send photographs of completed work to our parents email address.


Friday 12th March Homework

For homework this week we would like children to complete at least one of the phonics tasks and at least 1 of the maths tasks from the challenge sheets below.  Photographs of completed home work should be sent to our parents e-mail (

5th January- Lockdown closure

Hello Reception!

We hope you are all safe, happy and healthy at home with your families. The Reception staff miss you very much. We can’t wait to have you back in our classroom as soon as we are able to be together again.

Whilst you are learning from home with your grown-ups, we will be uploading daily maths, literacy (including phonics and story time) and topic busy jobs each day on Google Classroom. Your log in details were provided to each of you when we had a bubble closure in November. If you do not remember your log in details please let us know by email: so that we can send you a reminder.

You can complete the tasks on google classrooms (it is possible to upload photos of physical work on this platform) or you can send pictures of your super work to our parent’s email:  

We would also like to share with you a range of links that will be helpful in keeping your brains and bodies active whilst you are not in school.

See you soon!

The Reception Team

24th November - Bubble closure 

23rd November- Home Learning for Bubble Closure

Task 1:

Read the story The Gingerbread Man with a grown-up

You might have this story at home.  If not you can find it on YouTube by following link: 

Task 2:

Gingerbread Man addition

Can you use a Part-Part Whole board to add the buttons for the Gingerbread man? You can draw Part-Part Whole boards in your red homework books

Look at the example below.

Task 3:

Find a way to relax

It is important to look after our mental health and wellbeing in self-isolation.  One way we can do this is by taking time to relax.  Choose which way you want to relax.  You might choose one of the links below to help you or you might think of some other ideas.  For example you might like to try doing some kids yoga, listening to some relaxing music, taking a bubble bath or doing some mindful colouring!

Cosmic yoga-  

Relaxing music-

Friday 20th November Homework

         Story Corner!                  Once Upon a Time....

Friday 6th November Homework


Thursday 22nd October- Home learning for Reception bubble closure/homework for over the half-term break

We have put together some tasks to keep children busy over the last two days of term and into the half-term break.  Some of them are a bit spooky!! These activities can be found in your home learning packs if you have been able to pick these up from school.  If this has not been possible for you, don’t worry- you can complete the tasks in your home learning books that you already have at home. 

Over the next two days, the activities for you include:

  • Name writing practice- practice writing you names on the line with good letter formation. For an extra challenge- try writing your second name!
  • Halloween I spy counting- Scroll down to find the Halloween I spy picture. Count the creepy objects in the picture and write how many you can find
  • Practice phonics sounds- practice forming the sounds m, a, s, d, t and i in your home learning books
  • Halloween diary- Can you draw and write about what you have been up to over the half-term holiday?
  • Fairy-tale book review- read your favourite fairy-tale with your grown-up or watch someone else reading the story on YouTube. Can you write a review of your story?
  • Number formation sheets- practice forming your numerals to 9 using your pinchy parrot grip

As always, please send pictures of work completed at home to our parents email:

Take care over the next few days and half-term break.  We can’t wait to welcome you back to Reception as soon as we can :)

Friday 16th October Homework

In Reception this week we have  been using representation boards in maths to represent numbers in different ways.  When using a representation board we write a number in the centre of the board and then use different objects to represent the number in different ways.  Choose a number between 1 and 10 and represent your number on the representation board using different objects- the more inventive the better! Send your pictures to our parents email: 

Friday 9th October Homework

Your child will be bringing home their Read Write Inc Phonics file on Friday. Each Friday, your child will bring home some practise sheets. These sheets are an opportunity to practise the sounds they have learnt that week in school. When the sheets are complete, please keep them in this file so that they are all together. At the minute, we are not asking for the completed sheets to be returned to school, therefore, if you would like to send us photos of your child practising, please do so to:

Also, we are collecting Autumnal objects to explore! If you find any interesting over the weekend, please bring it into school for us to share. We have been looking at conkers, pinecones, pumpkins and leaves.




Friday 2nd October Homework

Your child will bring home a sheet with their homework for this week on. It is bingo again, but this time, phonics bingo. Each phonics group has slightly different homework this week, therefore, we are not uploading the bingo boards to the website. 

Your child will also bring home an exercise book this week. The instructions of what this is for will be inside of the front cover.

This week, we had a really disappointing amount of homework emailed to us. Reception C only had 10 and Reception L didn't have any at all! We are hoping to have many more next week.

Here are a some links to videos that will help you complete this week's homework with your child, if needed. -     How to pronounce the phonics sounds       What segmenting and blending sounds like.


Friday 25th September Homework

Your child will be bringing home a sheet with their bingo boards on.

This week in reception, we have been playing lots of bingo games! During maths, we have been playing number bingo. Your homework this week is to play bingo at home. Here are your instructions:

Game 1 – Adult to say the numbers and children to cover them with counters or use pens to cross the numbers out until the bingo card is finished.

Game 2 – Adult to count out objects. E.g pieces of pasta, small toys, chocolate buttons. Adult to count out the objects, children to count them and then find the matching number on the bingo card. Children to use counters to cover the numbers or use pens to cross the numbers out until the bingo card is finished.

Finally, adult to send a photo of you playing bingo to our homework email address.

Friday 18th September

Homework this week is super simple- we are asking children and parents to take a photograph of one fun thing children have been busy with over the weekend and send the picture to our parents email-  This is so children (and parents!) can get used to our new electrical way of working! 

Next week we will be uploading a written piece of work.  We will be giving children a special homework book where they can complete any written homework tasks that are uploaded on this web page.