Crab Lane Primary School

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Reception HomewoRK

Home work is uploaded on the Reception page of the Crab Lane website on a Friday to be completed by the following Wednesday.  Photographs of completed homework can be sent to the parents e-mail address.  We will share these photos with the class in school on the big screen!!

The parents e-mail is:


Friday 25th September Homework

Your child will be bringing home a sheet with their bingo boards on.

This week in reception, we have been playing lots of bingo games! During maths, we have been playing number bingo. Your homework this week is to play bingo at home. Here are your instructions:

Game 1 – Adult to say the numbers and children to cover them with counters or use pens to cross the numbers out until the bingo card is finished.

Game 2 – Adult to count out objects. E.g pieces of pasta, small toys, chocolate buttons. Adult to count out the objects, children to count them and then find the matching number on the bingo card. Children to use counters to cover the numbers or use pens to cross the numbers out until the bingo card is finished.

Finally, adult to send a photo of you playing bingo to our homework email address.

Friday 18th September

Homework this week is super simple- we are asking children and parents to take a photograph of one fun thing children have been busy with over the weekend and send the picture to our parents email-  This is so children (and parents!) can get used to our new electrical way of working! 

Next week we will be uploading a written piece of work.  We will be giving children a special homework book where they can complete any written homework tasks that are uploaded on this web page.