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Reception Home Learning


Website Links for Parent/carers

If your child is working from home and you would like to make contact with their class teacher, please use the following email address. Teachers will be checking these regularly during the school closure.

Phonics sessions online

Every day, Monday to Friday, Read Write Inc will be uploading mini online lessons. These are what we call; speed sound sessions. The videos will support the children to learn new sounds and recap ones that they already know. The children will be very aware of the routines of the session as they are very similar to what we do in class and I am sure they will love joining in!

Search Ruth Miskin phonics sounds on YouTube to find the videos.
Each film will be available for 24 hours after the live stream via FB and on YouTube.
Speed Sounds Set 1 – 9.30 am - Caterpillar group
Speed Sounds Set 2 – 10.00 am- Ladybird and Bumble Bee groups
Speed Sounds Set 3 – 10.30 am - Butterfly group

If you want to know which videos will be best for your child, email Miss Yates and Miss Riley on:

The videos look like this..


Youtube link - Phonics videos

-------------------------Week Commencing 13.07.20


Hello Reception!!

This is the final week of our Summer 2 half-term which means we have come to the end of the academic year.  And what a year it has been!  From Christmas nativities to digging for fossils, Eureka trips to mini-beast hunts we have had an absolute ball and have learnt a lot along the way.  The grown-ups in reception have truly loved teaching each and every single one of you and it has been such a pleasure and a privilege to work with you and see you develop and progress.  We will miss you over the holiday and will look forward to lots of visits to year 1 next year to see how you are all getting along!  For our final week of home learning we have put together some writing tasks that are all about end of year memories and preparing for next year.  The maths activities are based upon the tricky teen numbers we sometimes get mixed up with in reception: 12, 13 and 15!  See you all soon and keep safe and happy over the holidays :)


Week Commencing 06.07.20



Week Commencing 29.06.20

Hello Reception!! We hope everyone is still staying safe and happy. Miss Riley and Miss Ross really enjoyed visiting some children at home last week! It was lovely to see your smiley faces :D

Please don't worry if you haven't had a visit from a Crab Lane grown-up yet- we will be seeing more of you this week to check in and drop off your school reports, home learning and summer activity packs.  

In the meantime, we have lots more tasks and activities to keep you busy this week- just scroll down to find everything you will need!!


Keep smiling,


The Reception Team xx

---------------------------Week Commencing 22.06.20


Week Commencing 15.06.20


Week Commencing 08.06.20


Weeks Commencing
25.05.20 and 01.06.20
(Summer half-term break)


Hello Reception!
We hope you are all safe, happy and healthy and enjoying some nice times at home with your families. The Reception staff miss you very much and hope to see your faces soon!
We have now come to the end of our first summer half-term and have completed our 'Under the Sea' topic. We hope you have enjoyed it- we have certainly loved seeing all the fantastic learning you have completed at home. As we are now on half-term holiday we will not be uploading activity grids for the next two weeks. Instead, we have added some fantastic links to different tasks and activities to keep your brains and bodies active over the break!
As always, please send us photographs of your completed home learning; the e-mail address is:

  • Hungry Little Minds- This link takes you to a wide range of activities and apps to support home learning-
  • Oak National Academy- Follow this link to access the Oak National Academy online classroom and resource hub. Here you will find a range of video lessons for Reception children- 
  • Talk for Writing- The Talk for Writing approach enables children to imitate orally the language they need for a particular topic, before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version-  
  • Mathseeds- Mathseeds teaches kids aged 3-9 the core maths and problem solving skills needed to be successful at school with fun, highly interactive and rewarding lessons-  
  • British Red Cross Kindness Calendars- In these difficult times we need to look after our mental health and wellbeing more than ever and one thing is clear: small acts of kindness make a big difference. Over the holidays we would love it if you used a calendar like the one in this link record your daily acts of kindness. For example you could be more helpful at home, make a card for a relative or think about how you could safely help someone in the community. We can't wait to see what you come up with- 
  • The Imagination Tree- Follow this link for lots of creative play and learning ideas for reception children-
  • Phonics Hero- The Phonics Hero app teaches children to read and spell with systematic synthetic phonics. Using a step-by-step approach, children learn the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences- 
  • Book Trust - Fun at home with authors/illustrators- Time to Rhyme- 
  • The Big Toodle 22nd-28th June 2020- The Department of Health recommends EYFS children get at least 180 minutes of physical activity each day. The Big Toddle Home Safari is one way children can have fun whilst being active- 
  • Reading Eggs- Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities. Children love the games, songs, golden eggs and other rewards which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning- 
  • The Royal Scottish National Orchestra- Fun, family-friendly musical activities to keep you entertained while we all stay at home- 


Week Commencing 18.5.2020




Week Commencing 11.5.20

Week Commencing 4.5.20




Week Commencing 27.4.20

Week Commencing 20.4.20


Week Commencing 13.4.20

We hope you have a lovely Easter break! Try some of these activities with your families during the holiday. We look forward to hearing about what you get up to!

  • Make some Easter treats to share with your family. You could make cakes or biscuits and decorate them too!
  • Trying some planting activities. You could plant some seeds in a flowerpot filled with soil. Make sure to give them some water and put them somewhere sunny.
  • Have an Easter egg hunt! Ask a grown-up to hide some Easter eggs for you to find. How many eggs can you find?
  • Decorate some hard-boiled eggs, to make them bright and colourful. You could use pens or paint and add some extra decorations, such as stickers, feathers, pom-poms or googly eyes.
  • Share a favourite storybook with a grown-up. You could even research the Easter story on the internet.
  • Make an Easter basket to keep your Easter eggs safe. You could use empty cardboard boxes and add some decorations too.
  • Egg starts with the letter 'e'- what else starts with the letter 'e'? Write a list of other things that’s tart with the letter 'e'. How many things can you think of?
  • At Easter time lots of flowers start growing in the ground and on trees. Go for a walk around a park or garden and see what flowers and plants you can see growing.

Lots more Easter learning activities can be found by following the links below:


Happy Easter Everyone!!

Fine Motor Fun!

Cardboard Threading
For this activity you can use some cardboard (ask a grown up to make some holes in your cardboard, this can form a pattern, shape or anything you like) and either a shoe lace, string, thread or yarn.

Before you begin you might need to ask a grown up to tie a knot on one end of your string. Using your busy fingers, thread your string through each hole very carefully. It might be quite tricky at first but when you keep practicing you will become a master threader.

Challenge: Can you use different colours of string, shoe lace or thread to make a rainbow pattern?





Week Commencing 6.4.20

Hello boys and girls!! We hope you are all safe and well at home!

Thank you to those children who have sent us lovely messages and photographs to our parents e-mail! They have really made the Reception grown-ups smile.  Remember you can use the e-mail or our Reception blog to ask any questions that you or your grown-up might have, send your teachers friendly messages or photographs of your completed home learning activities.  We would also love to see photographs of anything else you are spending your time on at home, whether that is baking with your family, playing a board game, reading a bedtime story or going on an Easter egg hunt! 


The e-mail address is:

This week is the last week that we would like you to complete activities from your home learning pack.  Next week we will be uploading more learning activities on to the website. 

Please complete the following activities:

  • Activities to try at home sheets – these provide lots of ideas of things you can try at home that support the areas of the reception curriculum. Please choose 3 for this week.
  • Number square counting – Number squares can be used to look for number patterns, work out tricky sums and also count in different multiples.
  • Letters from the 3 bears – questions and activity.
  • Space writing activities – Space is our Topic in reception. Can you use the sheets to write acrostic poems or even some space facts?
  • Daily diary – Diaries are a good way to ensure that children are practising their writing skills each day.
  • Writing instructions to plant a seed – We have planted seeds in Reception, can the children remember the process and write about it?





Week commencing 30.3.20

Hi Reception!!

We hope you are having a lovely time at home, making some fantastic memories with your families.  We would love to see what you have been up to!  The Reception grown-ups will be checking the EYFS emails every day.  You could send us photographs and messages or ask us questions about the weekly activities.  Remember, you could also send us photographs of some of your completed home learning and we will be able to pick some fantastic examples to display on our website for all your friends to see!

The e-mail address is:

You could also leave us a message on our blog!



This week we would like you to complete some more activities from your home learning pack:

  • Rhyming word sheets – Can your child think of rhyming words, sound them out and write them down?
  • 2D shape hunt and pictures – Can your children recognise 2D shapes? Can they identify how many sides and corners they have?
  • Activities to try at home sheets – these provide lots of ideas of things you can try at home that support the areas of the reception curriculum. Please choose 3 for this week.
  • Whatever next character designs- We have been reading the Whatever Next story lots in school. Can your child think of new characters or settings for the story? Whatever Next YouTube story link
  • High frequency words – Reading and writing practise
  • Number line adding and take away sheets – Can the children remember which way to jump on the number line?
  • Challenge cards – The challenge cards provide activity ideas that can be done from home. Choose two challenges to complete with you child this week.


Remember, we would also love to see more of you logging onto bug club and earning coins!!   

Check out this week's phonics challenge here.


Week commencing 23.3.20

Hello Reception!! We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home :)
We all really miss you lots and can't wait to see you soon.

This week, we would like you to spend time working on some of the activities that have been prepared in your packs. There are a lot of activities in the pack, so please take some to familiarise yourselves with them before beginning to work on them with your child. The 'Guide to the Early Learning Goals' will give you an idea of the expectations.

Please begin with the following activities:

  • Maths counting and ordering sheets- The children need to be confident in working with numbers 1-20.

  • Writing postcards to the teachers – Postcards are a good way to give a purpose to writing. We would love to hear from you.
  • Number formation sheets – This is a job that the children will be able to do with minimum support. This is to practise the way they write the numbers to make sure they are neat and the right way.
  • Name writing hand writing practise – This is a job that the children will be able to do with minimum support. This is to practise the way the letters are formed to make them as neat as possible.

  • Ordering the story – Whatever Next – This children all know this story well. Can they put the events of the story in the correct order? 
  • Activities to try at home sheets – these provide lots of ideas of things you can try at home that support the areas of the reception curriculum. Please choose 3 for this week.

If you would like to take any pictures of your learning, we would love to see them! 

please email us on: