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Thought for the Week - I think before I act; how I act affects how others treat me. Please visit our Newsletters page for regular updates.

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Other subjects - RE

Learning from previous weeks: 

                         Other Subjects - RE

Click here for last month's (March) Year 1C Home Learning
Click here for last month's (March) Year 1L Home Learning


English - Phonics

Please click the image and it will take you to your daily phonics session. 

Below are the Maths songs I sent last week. Please keep enjoying them to ensure you are recapping your basic maths skills! (Count to 100) (Count in 2's) (Shape song) 

If you have toy animals at home, can you sort them into the 3 categories we have learnt about? Carnivores, herbivores and ominvores. We would love to see some photos of this/ Please email them to us at: