Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Year 1C March Home Learning

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Class Read: Stanley’s Stick

LC- Can I write about what Stanley might see at the seaside?

YO- To use at least 2 adjectives

BR- To use at least 1 adjective

GP- To use capital letters and full stops

Adjective- a describing word


In the story book, Stanley goes to the seaside with his parents. Have a think about what you think Stanley might see. Pretend you are Stanley.

Make a list of things that you may see, use adjectives to describe them. If you would like to challenge yourself, have a go at using three adjectives to describe.

‘At the seaside, I saw the golden, soft, fluffy sand.’

IPC: The Magic Toymaker

LC- Can I make a timeline of my day?

YO- To include as many points in the day as you can think of

BR- To include at least 5 points in the day e.g. Brushing teeth, having breakfast, playing with friends, having a bath, bedtime

GP- To include 3 points

Last weeks task was to make a timeline of events that have happened within your life. As part of your history learning, we would like you to have a think about changes that happen within your living memory.

  • Can you make a timeline of your typical day at the weekend? Please draw a picture to go with the activity and write a caption to describe.

8:00am- Wake up 8:30am- Have a shower

9:00am- Breakfast 10:00am- Football Training

12:00pm- Lunch 1:00pm- Play in the garden

2:00pm- Homework 3:00pm- Visit Grandparents

5:00pm- Teatime 5:30:pm- Play outside with friends

6:30pm- Bath 7:00pm- Watch TV with family

8:30pm- Bedtime story and sleep

Phonics Challenge

Make a mud cake. Remember to add lots of different ingredients, including two stones, one leaf and three sticks. Make a recipe card for your mud cake so your friends know how to make it too. Please send photographs to us on the email, we would love to see!


Re read the story of Palm Sunday and think about how the people welcomed Jesus on his donkey. Do you think that would be the same today?

Jesus and his twelves disciples (his friends) walked into the great city of Jerusalem so they could be there to celebrate the festival of Passover. On the way, Jesus said to two of his disciples “Go into the village and you will find a donkey that has never been ridden. Untie it and bring it to me.” The two disciples did as Jesus told them and soon came back with the donkey. Jesus then rode into Jerusalem with his disciples walking by his side. When the crowd of people walking to the city saw Jesus coming, they were excited. Some threw their cloaks on the floor to make pathway for Jesus. Others cut down palm leaves to lie in front of him. Many cheered and waved their palm leaves shouting ‘Hosanna. Praise be to God.’

Draw a picture and write a sentence about how you think Jesus would be welcomed into Manchester City Centre today. Would people still wave palm leaves?

YO- Draw a picture, write a sentence how we would welcome Jesus today and why it is different to how he would be welcomed all those years ago.

BR- Draw a picture, write a sentence how we would welcome Jesus today.

GP- Draw a picture and write a simple sentence e.g. Giving Jesus a hug.