Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Year 1L 2021

The children in Y1L have been getting used to our new classroom. We have had lots of fun exploring the areas such as the Construction Area and Home Corner. We have been using the book "Be Brave Little Penguin" to develop our maths skills by counting out the penguins to match the number selected.

We look forward to more fun in Week 2!

We have been super busy again in Year One. We have enjoyed improving our writing and literacy skills using our book about Pip. We have used the theme of penguins to play a one more/ one less game in the Maths Area and developed our cutting skills in the Creative Area by cutting out pictures of penguins. We have also had fun improving our speaking and listening skills in the Construction Area and problem solving in the Construction Area.

Year One were lucky enough to have a special visitor in class a few weeks ago.

Neil was a pupil at Crab Lane during the 1950's and kindly visited us in school to help us learn more about the History of our school. Year One prepared some questions ready to ask Neil and we used oracy skills to ask Neil the questions. We learnt lots about what Crab Lane was like in the past and compared it to now. We talked about the uniform, the lessons and how the school looked in the past compared to now. 
Neil kindly shared some photos of when he was in Crab Lane and we really enjoyed learning about the past.