Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Year 1L 2021

Geography Project - Over the past few weeks we have been learning about Geography within our project lessons. We compared the city we live in, Manchester, to another city called Calgary which is in Canada. We researched and learnt about the differences and similarities between the two places in regards to how schools work, the weather and animals there. We then practiced and performed some drama to showcase what we had learnt. We interviewed a "Calgary student", we presented a Calgary weather report and we interviewed a park ranger who told us about Canadian animals. Enjoy the videos below :)

Over the past two weeks, Year 1 have been very busy learning and having fun. We have been developing our fine motor skills. This is to help improve our handwriting, by cutting free dinosaurs and using tweezers to grab pasta shells. We used a timer to see who could get the most pasta in a minute!

We have been painting and making junk models in our creative area. 

We have used our Phonics Factory Station to practice reading nonsense words and writing graphemes in sand. 

In Science, we have been sorting animals into categories of Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores and this week have been identifying different types of trees. We went into the Woodland Garden and Mrs Brannan wowed us with her tree knowledge! 

In English, we started a new book " What the Sea Saw" and have been using it as inspiration to write lists of what we would take to the beach and it has helped us to use suffixes in our writing. 

Last week we also learnt about St. George's Day and enjoyed painting flags and colouring in dragon pictures. 

After a busy few weeks, we are looking forward to a nice bank holiday weekend! 

In Year 1,
we learnt about the 1980's.

We learnt about the different fashions and it was interesting to learn that some of these fashions  are still popular today.

We learnt some 1980's dances such as the Birdie dance and Superman.

We then enjoyed making a 1980's style dessert which was a trifle and took them home to enjoy! We learnt so much about the 1980's and could not believe some of our teachers were born in the 80's - we thought they were much younger!!!

Year 1 have enjoyed planting some sunflowers at the front of our classrooms

We can't wait to watch them grow, please be careful not to stand on the flower beds
when collecting your children.

This first week in July, Year One have completed an art project. To link with our research project about holidays. We learnt about primary and secondary colours and how we are able to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. We then thought about the appropriateness of colours and how we have to be mindful when selecting the correct colour to use. To end our project, as a class, we used different materials such as sponges, paint and collage materials to complete a beach scene. We worked together and were very proud of what we produced and all the skills we learnt. We hope you like our Art.

On Friday 9th July, children dressed in white and red to show support for the England football team getting into the Final for the Euro's. We listened to supportive songs and coloured some flags in to get into the spirit!

On Thursday 8th July, year one enjoyed their sports day. The weather was lovely and we enjoyed participating in our houses to gain points by winning races, coming second or third or receiving the "best effort" award. 

We had lots of fun taking part and cheering on our friends.