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Hello Year 2!

Posted: Mar 26, 2020 by: Miss Davidge (Davidge) on: Year 2 Blog

We are missing each and every one of you so please keep us updated with what you are doing at home! Remember to check the pages regularly because we will keep adding new and exciting things! 

Take care and keep smiling. 

Miss Davidge and Miss Ryan


Penelope Apr 6, 2020

Hello Miss Davidge and Miss Ryan, I am missing school and my favourite subject Science. I have been doing cosmic kids yoga and PE with Joe at home. I am learning to play piano and have been for a walk in the forest today. I hope I see you soon. Penny xxxxx

Miss Apr 3, 2020

Hi Lexie, Thanks for the comment! I am ok thanks, missing you all! Hope you're ok too! I have it her password, can you send me an email and I can forward it through there? Thanks, Miss Davidge

lexie wyatt Apr 3, 2020

Hi Miss Davidge and Miss Ryan Lavanna doesn't know her password or username for ttrockstars please will u help me out hope u all well and safe xx and Miss Ryan don't being going out with miss bryne with her fake eyelashes love u all xxx

Miss Apr 1, 2020

Glad you're ok Mr Jones! Hello Zlata, lovely to hear from you! I am ok thanks, missing everyone at school! Hope you are ok!

Zlata Mar 31, 2020

Hi Miss Davige hope you are having a nice time

Mr Jones Mar 31, 2020

I'm okay thanks Miss Davidge, don't think the Joe Wicks exercises are for me though!

Miss Mar 31, 2020

I'm missing you lots too, Miss Ryan! Hopefully we will all be together soon and I'll keep you updated with what I've been up to! xx

Miss Ryan Mar 30, 2020

Hi Year 2, I hope everyone is ok and that as well as learning, you’re remembering to have some fun! Noel and I are sat here thinking of you all. We’d love to hear what some of you have been up to. Miss Davidge, it’s only been a week, but I’m missing you already! Hopefully we will all be together again soon. Love from Miss Ryan (and Noel) xx

Miss Mar 30, 2020

Lovely to hear from you Mr Jones! Keep visiting the website to see more fantastic learning! Hope you’re well! Take care, Miss Davidge

Miss Mar 30, 2020

Lavanna and Sophie, I am so impressed! You are doing a great job! Missing seeing everyone! I’ve added more things to the home learning page so keep visiting! Have you seen the pictures of the chicks hatching? Hope you’re happy and enjoying time with your families!

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