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Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Home Learning November 2020

Hello Year 2! 

We are going to miss you so much over the next week and a half! While we are all spending time at home, we would love for you to complete some fabulous home learning! Just scroll down the page to find it!

Please e-mail to let us know how you are, what you've been up to and to send us some pictures of your super work! 

We can't wait to hear from you and find out how you are! 

See you soon! 

Miss Jones, Miss Davidge, Miss Ryan and Mrs Green :)

Week beginning 9.11.20

Maths games:



Online Reading books

Click here to read some online books! Just sign up for an account and explore the books!


Monday - 9.11.20

Phonics Videos:

Click on your phonics teacher's name to watch a video to practise reading phonics sounds!

- Miss Ryan (ire)

- Miss Jones (ire)

- Miss Davidge (ay)

- Mrs McGhee (ay)

- Mrs Green (writing CVC words)

Maths Money - Lesson 1

English Lesson 1 

Watch the video and listen to the story. Then, complete an activity below. If you cannot print this out, use a piece of scrap paper to write it out. 

Activity 1

Activity 2



Click here to do some fun Disney inspired workouts! You can choose from Mulan, Moana, Peter Pan, Lion King, Jungle Book or Incredibles!


Phonics Videos:

Click to watch a video to practise reading phonics sounds! Watch one video in the morning and one in the afternoon! 

English Lesson 2

Can I compose a letter? 

Pretend to be another coloured crayon and write a letter to Duncan, explaining why you want to quit! If you cannot download the template, write on some scrap paper! 

Project - Art/Geography

Can I understand what Antarctica is like and make a pop-up book?


Click here to watch the Continents song. Can you name all 7?

Click here to learn about Antarctica in more detail.

Click here to see the animals that live on Antarctica. 


Watch the videos from Miss Jones to learn how to make a pop-up book! E-mail your work to to show Miss Davidge and Miss Jones!



Maths Lesson 3

English - Lesson 3

Watch Miss Jones read some more letters and then complete the activity.


Remembrance Day Assembly


Phonics Video (o-e)

Phonics video - aw

Maths Money - Lesson 4

English lesson 4

Science 'sticky learning' from Year 1


Can I identify the seasons?

Now>press>play have provided us with a login so children can access audio experiences from home. You can pretend you are in the story and are fully immersed into the experience! Children can listen to the experiences through headphones or it can be played out loud! Click on the image to go to their website and enter the password: nowpressplay


Phonics Video (i-e)

Phonics video - are

Maths Money - Lesson 5

English - Lesson 5

Can you write a letter from Duncan to the crayons?

PSHE - Staying Healthy

Think about some different ways that we can stay healthy!

You can either...

  • Write down your ideas on how to stay healthy on the sheet below or a piece of paper
  • Take some Freezeframe photos to show how to stay healthy
  • Make a video explaining how to be healthy!

    Share your work with us on


Here are your weekly Spellings! Test yourself and make sure you know them all.

Oracy Activities


Week commencing 16.11.20

Maths games:



Online Reading books

Click here to read some online books! Just sign up for an account and explore the books!


Phonics Videos 

Now try reading some alien words and some real words. 

Special friends, Fred talk, read the word!

English - Reading and Writing


This week we are going to recap adding and subtracting! Have a go at the sheets below. Work them out on a piece of paper if you can't print them out. 

PSHE - Anti-Bullying Week!

lick on this logo to watch the video! 

Now complete this activity:


Phonics Videos

English - Writing 



Complete the activity below. Use the properties to explain why a material is suitable.