Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - When things go wrong, I still do my best.

Year 2L 2022

Monster Poems!

We have been looking at monster poems in English this week! We used expression to make it exciting and make people feel sorry for the monster under the bed! 

Last week, Year 2 went on an unforgettable trip to Blackpool zoo! Before we went, we were learning about cool creatures so we went to see some exciting animals in real life!

First, we climbed onto the enormous, warm coach. Our tummies were fizzing with excitement! As we drove along the motorway, we looked carefully for the brown sign with the elephant on it because that means that the zoo is nearby.

When we arrived, we decided to have our lunch straight away so we would have more time to see the animals. We enjoyed our tasty food and then we were ready to explore.

Next, we went to look at the animals. The first really exciting animal we saw was the gorilla. The silverback was sat with a grumpy expression on his face.

After that, we headed towards the sea lions and we were just in time for the feeding show! We all sat down to enjoy the performance and the sea lions waved at us! What a fantastic experience!

Then we walked happily to the elephant enclosure. We had to go past the Dinosaur Safari and climb up lots of ramps to get there and it was exhausting! Finally, we got to the elephant house and went inside. The elephants were amazing! The elephant's trunk reached up to grab some hay dangling from the ceiling. Even though the elephant house smelt terrible, we enjoyed it a lot. There was even a pretend elephant foot that we could feel. Its wrinkly, creased skin felt very rough.

Soon it was time to go home so we trudged back to the coach and strapped in our seatbelts. We chatted about all the other animals we saw like the red pandas, the otters and the lions.

We all loved our trip to the zoo. If you get a chance to go, we would definitely recommend it!