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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Miss Jones (Jones) on: 25.3.20

Hi Year 2!
Miss you lots and lots! I hope you are having a nice time at home and finding time to do some of your home learning!
Let me know how you are getting on!
From Miss Jones


Miss Apr 2, 2020

Thanks Miss Davidge! I miss you!

Miss Apr 2, 2020

Happy birthday Miss Jones!

Miss Apr 1, 2020

Hi Bobby! Thank you and I miss you too! Hope you are having a good time at home and squeezing in lots of learning too! Hi Mr Jones! Great to hear from you!

Mr Jones Mar 27, 2020

Hi all I hope you are all well and helping each other through these strange times. Make use of the time you have off school to spend quality time with people you live with. I hope to visit as soon as things clear up. Miss you all! I would love to hear how you’re doing and will check the blogs as often as I can. Bye for now Mr Jones

Bobby Mar 26, 2020

You have nice hair and I miss you.