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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Miss Dunham (Dunham) on: Class 4C Blog

Hello all, Miss Dunham here!

We're all missing you very much, and hoping you're all keeping safe.

Please let me know how you're getting on, and tell us what you have been up to!

Hopefully see you soon!

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Miss Dunham :)


Miss Dunham Jul 28, 2020

Hi Hiyab! I bet Mr Pennington and Miss Kan are really excited to have you in their class next year! I will definitely miss you too :)

hiyab Jul 22, 2020

We haven't been to school for long time but whats really nice that in 5c we will get mr pennington and mrs khan!!!!!!!!!!! but i'm gonna really miss u miss dunham!

orishe Jun 1, 2020

ok I will check it out thank you miss dunham

Miss Dunham May 30, 2020

Hi Orishe! Don't worry too much this week, as it's half term, but make sure you look at the Year 4 Home Learning page - there is lots of work to get on with there :)

orishe May 27, 2020

I've nearly ran out of work what should I do

Miss Dunham May 1, 2020

Hi Orishe! That sounds very fun! Hope you're staying safe :)

orishe May 1, 2020

hi I`m having a fun time at home because it manes I can do my school work on my bed

Miss Dunham Apr 16, 2020

That sounds brilliant and environmentally friendly Hiyab! What kind of websites are they?

Miss Dunham Apr 16, 2020

Hi Renata! Good question, I just put my time capsule in a safe box under the stairs, so I know where it is, but if it's ok with your adult you could bury it! Make sure you check first, I wouldn't want you digging up your garden without telling anyone :)

Miss Dunham Apr 16, 2020

Hi Tanaka! It seems like you're making the most of it, I'm glad you're keeping active and having fun! We miss you too

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