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Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

Year 4 Home Learning
Week beginning Monday 30th March 2020

Please look at our 4L Home learning page too as the year 4 team are working together until we can merge our pages together. You will find further support on all subjects on both year group pages.


Please feel free to email with any questions, answers, or even if you just want to chat! We'd really love some responses to your super work, so email us here.


I've included lots of fun things to do at the bottom of this page to keep our minds and our bodies active, including Mr Snell's Alphabet Fitness challenge - are you up to the task? 

Photo challenge pictures and Great Work examples are in our new gallery! Go to the Year 4C and 4L tab and find it there. 

Our Times Tables Rockstars this week (so far) are:

                  Gloria                    Violet                      Shehab                     Chisom             

       Zlata                 Darren                   Eduarda                   Jonatan 

Miss Dunham's Weekly Challenge

This week, see if you can take on the photography challenge! Every day, take a photo (or sketch) anything from this list and email it to me! I'll put these pictures up on the website so everyone can see your wonderful contributions! I'll be taking part in this too, so see if you can come up with a more creative picture than me! Try to capture something new every day - and don't worry about doing it in order! 




Learning Challenge: Can I write a piece of dialogue?

Class read- Matilda

In the story, we have been learning about how inappropriate and neglectful Matilda’s parents were. I want you to think of some dialogue that could be written between Miss Honey and Mr and Mrs Wormwood.

First of all, draft out your ideas. Write down examples of what they could say to each other. For example;

"Mr Wormwood! I need to talk to you about Matilda!" – (Miss Honey)

"Listen Miss Honey…I don’t need you coming here telling me what to do!" –(Mr Wormwood)


Focus on your targets!

Yellow, Orange, Blue and Red Group:

4.9- I can use speech punctuation correctly, including punctuation before I close my speech marks.


Green and Purple Group:

3.10- I can use inverted commas when someone is speaking or when someone is being spoken to.


Use the speech, speech, description, speech format to write your dialogue. We have done this before in class.


I would love to read these so please send them to me!



"Please can I come in and speak to you about Matilda? I think she is the most remarkable little girl I have ever met!" Miss Honey exclaimed.

"I haven’t got time now! Can you not see I am trying to watch my program?’" spat Mr Wormwood.

Matilda ran up the stairs feeling utterly dejected.

"I think you need to listen! You can’t parent like this!" demanded Miss Honey.




Adding the prefix inter-


The prefix inter- means 'among' or 'between. We can just add it to the front of words without changing their spelling.


Internet         ________galactic       __________national       __________act


Tip- The word Internet is spelled with a capital I.


Write the correct word to match each definition.


a. ____________ between different nations

b._____________ between galaxies

c._____________ a network of computers that communicate with one another

d._____________ to have an effect on someone or something else


Come up with a super sentence, and challenge yourself to get as many inter- words as makes sense!

e.g. The international summit was held at our amazing intergalactic space station - aliens could interact with other species in one of our state of the art meeting rooms. 


Send me your super sentences and be featured on our star of the week post.

This week's spellings - Ask an adult to help quiz you on them and send me your scores!


4C Group

caught pressure accident remember
guard group thought experience
believe forwards extreme suppose



Challenge group

exaggerate  necessary shoulder vehicle
foreign explanation interrupt sacrifice
bargain especially professional symbolise




This week, we're looking at fractions. Underneath, there are a series of word problems for you to solve. Think carefully about what the question is asking you before you try and answer.

As usual, challenge yourself! Try a different group's questions, and have a look at the reasoning activities below. 


You can also complete Page 8 in your maths booklets. This activity is all about fractions and decimals.  

I have put some examples underneath to remind you :)


Find the Booklet here: 

Guided Reading


We're doing this guided read a little differently! I'm not going to tell you what it's about, you're going to use your prediction skills and make an educated guess.


As well as the text, there is also a video below of the text being read. If you use the video, make sure that as you follow along, you highlight or underline any words or phrases you need to clarify. I highlighted some key words I thought might need clarifying, let me know if you need any others! 


When you have read the text, and clarified the vocabulary, there are some questions for you to answer. 


Remember, you must answer in full sentences! 


When you have done this, try summarising the text in two sentences. Remember, to summarise you only need the really important bits.

The link at the end of the text is here, there are fantastic ideas and lots of information about bees, check it out;


As well as reading and answering the questions about this text, check out some egg-cellent easter activities on Twinkl - there are Maths and English games, as well as Arts and Crafts.

Things to do to keep your mind and body active!

As well as completing all of these wonderful activities, I have included a list of things you might want to try at home. 


Check out Mr Snell's Alphabet Fitness workout challenge on the home page! It's really important to keep active, even if we're staying inside.


Audible (The app we use to listen to Matilda) has opened up access for free to hundreds of childrens books

Continue our sign language sessions with Charlie - we're on video 3 at the moment, which is showing us some useful signs for everyday conversation. Remember to practice the alphabet!


Dr Chips is delivering live sessions at 10am every day, showing us some super cool science experiments - including how to make slime! 


Joe Wicks has lots of videos on his channel for kids to be active indoors, with no equipment required. Check them out here


  • Read your favourite book
  • Bake a cake
  • Watch your favourite film
  • Write a film review!
  • Help out with jobs around the house
  • Spend some time being active, do some yoga or join in with Joe Wicks every morning!


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