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Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

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Catch up

Catch up

Miss Martin (Martin) on: Catch up

Hi year 5,

Use this blog here to ask any questions or tell me what you're up to. How're you enjoying the sunshine this week?

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A lovely activity here for you to create... if you complete one please send it to me too so we can put it on our school website!

Hi Year 5! I read this nice poem this weekend and I thought I'd share it with you! It's from a book full of short stories and poems written by LOADS of famous childrens authors like Jacqueline Wilson, Sally Gardner and Sophie Dahl (that's Roald Dahl's granddaughter). Check it out- it's free! 

English work

What do you think?

Miss Martin (Martin) on: English work

Watch ‘The Worst Jobs in History’ to find out some of the more ‘interesting jobs.’ Which ones do you think would be the worst? Why? Do you think jobs for poor people and rich people were similar? What do you predict would be the differences?

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Class Shout Outs! 

Missing you all 5L, and if I haven't heard from you yet, write in our class blog or send an email my way!

Thanks to Roseline this week for her awesome fact file! Always love her drawings as well... 

Hi everyone! I made banana loaf muffins today- they were delicious! Here's a little video of me making them; it was quite tricky filming with one hand but they turned tasty so all worth it :D 

A link to the recipe found here: 

I added some sultanas before I popped them in my muffin tray too... and made sure my mixture was nice and creamy before it went in the oven!