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Hello 6C!!

Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Mr Dodd (Dodd) on: Hello 6C!!

Hello everyone! We are both missing teaching you all every day. We hope you're safe and well and we hope to see you all very soon!

Mr Dodd

If anyone from year 6 is reading the blog. Take care of yourselves. Make sure you're keeping safe. We miss all so much. Xx

Mrs S


Nigel Jul 28, 2020

Hi everyone hope you are all doing well during the summer holidays. Sorry that I haven't say anything in the blog I have been very busy lately going many places now I have time until tomorrow going to cotsworld .Gerry that was amazing hope I can do that. hope everyone is doing well for the people that are not going to Co Op hope you make a lots of friends. The people that are going to co op well see you on the first day there will only be year7 and year 10.Nearly forgot thank you Mr Jones for the message

Mr Jul 16, 2020

Hello Mr Jones, thank you for the kind message. And to year 6s, I had a wonderful day seeing you all on Friday. I hope you enjoy your leavers gifts! Here is a video of Gerry in year 6 he wanted to share with you all!

Mr Jones Jul 15, 2020

Hi Y6, thought I would gatecrash your blog one more time! Well, what a strange year. Just wanted to say good luck for the future, just a shame I couldn't come and see you personally, but I will cherish the memories when I did have sessions with you. Be the best you can be and hopefully see some of you when I'm in Manchester next.

Nigel Jul 10, 2020

Hello Mr Dodd we managed the books to piles from A-Z its all in the hall but im not sure if they moved it by the way can anyone share memories of there Time in Crab lane we did in school and we had funny happy and sad memories you can just share it here I just want to make sure everyone can share a memory. Very soon we are going to high school from roles model in primary to little fishes in the tank in high school hope everyone is doing well.

Mr Jul 10, 2020

Hello Year 6, your parents should have received a message this week about you coming into school to collect your books to take home with you. You can come and collect your books between 10-2 everyday until the end of the week. Tell your friends ad we don't want them going to waste!

Mr Jul 7, 2020

I'm well thank you, missing everyone at school! Yes, more things are opening which is good, but well done for staying safe still! It would have been the festival performance ;last week, what a shame! Did you get a DVD of last year's performance Mairah? I know you loved the experience! Mr D

mairah Jul 6, 2020

Thank u for asking I'm fine thank you how are u too me and Hannah miss school so much even my little sister misses coming and seeing the school while she is picking us up at least the restaurants are open any way we are still going to keep our social distancing ✔

Mr Jul 3, 2020

Hi Mairah, about 10 year 6s at the moment. How are you?

mairah Jul 2, 2020

hello Mr Dodd haw are u please let me know how many people are going to school

Nigel Jun 21, 2020

Thank you cant wait to go to school tommorow.

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