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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Mrs White (White) on: 6L Blog

Hello 6L!
Hope you are all well and enjoying your first week at home! I've loved reading the emails from Julia, Phoebe and Anna!
Let me know what you've been up to - I miss seeing you all every day!
Write us a blog post to share some news!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Mrs White x


Mrs May 13, 2020

Hi Libby, Send me an email with your story - I'd like to read it! I'm glad you're doing well. I'm good, thank you! I've been enjoying baking this week, I made two giant cookies yesterday with mini eggs and m&ms. They were too big to eat at once so I've had to chop it into pieces like a cookie cake! Have you seen that Mr Dodd has organised a new TTRS battle with Y6C? Make sure you have a go this week! Mrs White :) x

libby May 12, 2020

hi mrs white how have you been we are doing great i did astory about my favrotie animal missing you bye xxx

Mrs Apr 29, 2020

Hi Libby, Wow Libby, a hot tub sounds fantastic! I am very jealous! I'm pleased to hear you've finished your workbooks. I'll see what I can do with getting you paper copies of work when I am in school next week. Until then, you can just look at the activities on your tablet/laptop and write the answers in your exercise book. Don't forget, you don't need to write for some of the home learning activities - have a go on TTRS or complete one of our 100 challenges! Let me know which activities you choose! Mrs White :)

libby Apr 29, 2020

hi mrs white how u doing i am great and we have a hot tub we was init all afternoon LOL

libby Apr 29, 2020

hi how u doing i am fine can u send me some work because i have done all my books my home learing but i dont have a printer but its ok because uncle curt gives me work fro is own mind lol xxx hope to see ya soon xxxxxxx

Mrs Apr 24, 2020

Hello 6L, After a very close TTRS battle between 6C and 6L, there is a new tournament up and running. This has already started and it will finish on 4.5.20. We were in the lead for part of the battle last time and I have never seen scores as high in any previous TTRS battle - I am so proud of all your efforts. Tell your friends about the new battle and if anybody needs their login details then send me an email on Good luck! Mrs White :) xx

Libby Apr 9, 2020

Hi Mrs white how you doing i feel bored without u do bad

lexie wyatt Apr 1, 2020

hi miss White how do u send a email and please will u done it in a video love u and hopefully see u soon xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs S Mar 30, 2020

Hello 6C, I hope you're all keeping safe and following the advise that has been given. Make sure you're washing your hands. I'm really missing you all, make sure you keep yourself busy doing the tasks that are set on the home learning page. I hope to see you all soon. Love Mrs S.

Mrs White Mar 30, 2020

Hi everyone! We’ve managed to fix our blog posts so I can see all your lovely comments now! Kishwah, all of the learning is on the home learning page, last week’s is still there it’s just underneath this week’s task - just keep scrolling down the page! We will be putting all the learning on the one ‘home learning’ page so just keep scrolling down to the task you’re up to! Lexie, I miss you all too! Hope to see you all soon but don’t forget, send me an email or write a blog post and I will reply to you all! Enjoy this week’s learning, I hope you like the Harry Potter tasks! Mrs White

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