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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Mrs White (White) on: 6L Blog

Hello 6L!
Hope you are all well and enjoying your first week at home! I've loved reading the emails from Julia, Phoebe and Anna!
Let me know what you've been up to - I miss seeing you all every day!
Write us a blog post to share some news!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Mrs White x


lexie Mar 27, 2020

hello I have missed everyone from 6L I hope that we get to see our teachers again love u mrs White xxxxx

Mr Jones Mar 27, 2020

Hi all I hope you are all well and helping each other through these strange times. Make use of the time you have off school to spend quality time with people you live with. I hope to visit as soon as things clear up. Miss you all! I would love to hear how you’re doing and will check the blogs as often as I can. Bye for now Mr Jones

kishwah Mar 27, 2020

And when i was saying about the medical conditions i wasnt talking about me i was talking about my little sister she was a bit sick so we went to the hospital dont panick she hasnt got the corona virus then for the next days we had to go for her tests.

kishwah Mar 27, 2020

Please put the work back on as soon as possible so i can do my work that i have missed.

kishwah Mar 27, 2020

Hi Mrs.White i have been missing this weeks homework due to medical conditions if you dont mind please can you put this weeks work back on the site at the end of sunday you can remove it please put it back on so i can do my work that i have missed.

admin Mar 26, 2020


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