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Posted: Mar 25, 2020 by: Mrs White (White) on: 6L Blog

Hello 6L!
Hope you are all well and enjoying your first week at home! I've loved reading the emails from Julia, Phoebe and Anna!
Let me know what you've been up to - I miss seeing you all every day!
Write us a blog post to share some news!
Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Mrs White x


Mr Jones Jul 15, 2020

Hi Y6, thought I would gatecrash your blog one more time! Well, what a strange year. Just wanted to say good luck for the future, just a shame I couldn't come and see you personally, but I will cherish the memories when I did have sessions with you. Be the best you can be and hopefully see some of you when I'm in Manchester next.

Mrs Jul 7, 2020

Hello Year 6, your parents should have received a message yesterday about you coming into school to collect your books to take home with you. You can come and collect your books between 10-2 everyday until the end of the week. Libby, did you get my email with your TTRS password? Hope you're all doing well and enjoying this week's home learning activities! Mrs White :)

libby Jul 2, 2020

Hi Mrs white I forgot my tt rockstars password plz can you give me my tt rockstars password

Libby Jun 20, 2020

Hi mrs whit will am so happy you guys have got me paper work because it’s better instead of write all down in my booklet and I can’t belive my family have been at home for a while and we go in walk and love you guys every much I can’t wait to squeeze the heck out of you guys xxxxxx

Libby Jun 19, 2020

Hi Mrs white it was great fun at my mans house. My brothers are all doing ok and have you been busy this week and I will go on the bizite website and hope you are all ok I am missing and miss S because I loved my maths group. Mr dod The song for our leavers assembly I’ll always remember you and I wish I could squeeze the heck out off you mrs white mr dod and miss s and love you guys hope to get back in touch with me LOVE YOU

Sara Jun 17, 2020

Hi I hope u are all fine and safe at home and hopefully everything gets better byeeee

Mr Jun 16, 2020

Calling all year 6s.....We are working with Mrs Hatton to create a Leavers DVD....I know, how creative! But, we need a soundtrack to play the pictures and memories too...what songs do you all like and will help you remember Crab Lane? Remember, they have to be appropriate and obviously no rude words! Please contact all your friends who don't use the blog as much and blog back ASAP. Thanks everyone. Mr Dodd

Mrs Jun 11, 2020

It's great to hear you've been doing lots of home learning Libby and decorating your nana's house sounds like fun! I hope all your brothers are doing well too! Mrs S and I will be out next week visiting you all at home. I'll make sure to bring lots of home learning activities with me. In the meantime, have a look on the websites Mr Dodd and I have shared on the home learning page, as well as completing the home learning tasks we put up every week. The BBC website has new lessons every day if you're stuck for something to do! Mrs White :)

libby Jun 9, 2020


libby Jun 9, 2020

Hi Mrs White how are you doing I am well and I am sad that the last couple of days its been not a good weather.Me kayden lizzy and curt have been at our nanas house and we are decorate all of the rooms.We have nearly done and all the rooms have flooring down and paint all of the rooms. We just need to put wallpaper up in my big brothers room my big brother is called dillion. I have 3 brother one crazy (kayden ) the second brother is PlayStation all the time (dillion) and my 3 brother is the best brother (mikey) he did a flip with me yesterday and didn't hurt myself. But when i did it the second time I hit my nose of my knee and i had a bad nose bleed it wouldn't stop bleeding so lizzy came to pick me up then it stop bleeding when we got home so i got a shower then went to pick up curt and kayden and can u send me some work plz i really want to speak to you can u phone lizzy

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