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I attended Crab Lane Primary School 1954 to 1958 following which I attended Plant Hill Comprehensive until 1963.

In the photograph is teacher Mr. Stokoe, I’m third from the right on the top row. Alan Kelsall and Rita Wetherhilt also appear in the photo below. Not having been very sociable, I cannot recollect any of the remainder of the class. Alan was a close friend all through junior and high school but we lost contact following my leaving for Australia.

Mr. Stokoe is the teacher I most fondly remember and he instilled in me a love of the English language and literature notwithstanding he always told the class that we spoke “Blackley Dutch”. He had excellent diction and his lessons served me well during my working life.

It is great to know that Crab Lane Primary still serves the community.

Best wishes
Edward (Eddy) Rea