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At Crab Lane, we enjoy being language detectives! We are beginning to learn how to listen, speak, read and write in French. We do this through activities such as; singing songs, playing games, and listening to simple stories. Key vocabulary and grammatical structures are shared, taught and embedded at relevant parts of our year group units. The progression of skills within a unit are built up gradually and help the children to progress through their language learning.  

Since September 2014, the National Curriculum made learning a language compulsory in Key Stage 2. We teach French over a period of 4 years, from Year 3 to Year 6, with weekly 30 minute lessons. We aim for pupils to arrive at Key Stage 3 with confidence in their language skills. We follow a scheme of work, The Primary Languages Network, which we have adapted, the scheme allows our teachers to learn the language, teach interactively, attend CPD events, have the opportunity to practice conversationally and use online resources during class. It also provides the opportunity for staff upskilling. We also have a whole-school culture which values and celebrates linguistic diversity, one way we do this is through European Day of Languages.

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