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Welcome to Crab Lane’s Early Years Foundation Stage

Thank you for your interest in sending your child to Crab Lane Nursery or Reception to start their education. We hope the information on this page will go further to affirm that you are making the right choice. We have a fantastic learning environment that is facilitated by well-trained practitioners, who support the children throughout their learning journey.


The intent of the Crab Lane EYFS curriculum:

To engage all children and ignite a passion for learning by creating a positive attitude to challenge.

To look upon children as individuals; to listen and follow their interests.

To teach children to understand themselves; be able to celebrate their strengths and form strong relationships with others.

To embrace their home city of Manchester; the local community and its diversity.

To cohesively include parents, as partners, throughout the learning journey.


 Please contact the school office on 0161 740 2851 to request a nursery place for September. If your child is starting reception, view the admissions page on the school website for the Local Authority contact details.


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Why send your child to Crab Lane?

The Learning Environment

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