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Our science curriculum is designed to enable children to grasp a solid understanding of materials, life and physical processes by applying a wide range of skills. These include: exploring, observing, grouping, classifying, questioning, researching, planning, testing, measuring, communicating and evaluating. As a result, our pupils are learning to work as real scientists. They do this by following The Rising Stars Switched On Science Scheme. This scheme provides a fully comprehensive coverage of the Science National Curriculum, enabling effective progression over time through a diverse range of scientific units. Children work scientifically in a range of contexts providing appropriate repetition and reinforcement to help ensure retention over time.

In both key stage 1 and key stage 2, topics are discrete and where appropriate opportunities for cross-curricular links are provided. The units of work have a strong focus on practical exploration. We believe exploration and practical opportunities should always be at the heart of our science learning, making our lessons exciting, memorable and enquiry-based.
Teachers adapt the scheme of work to support all learners in the class and ensure that there is a strong focus on child-led enquiry and question-based learning. This encourages children to ask questions to develop their own experimental and scientific enquiry skills. These approaches are a useful vehicle for developing our children’s Oracy skills.

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