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Changes to Meal Options

In order to make our catering system more efficient, children in school and Nursery will ONLY be able to change from school dinners to packed lunches (or the other way round) on certain dates in the year.

•  A change to your child’s meal option will start on the first day after a school holiday
(4th November, 7th January, 25th February, 20th April, 8th June) only.

•  If you wish your child to change their meal option, a parent or carer will need to sign a form at the school office. This is a good time to discuss payment and confirm any dietary needs

•  The form needs to be signed before a school holiday e.g. if you wish your child to change option for the beginning of January, you will need to sign a form before we break up in December.

•  If you wish your child to change options at short notice for medical reasons, you will need to meet with our Family Support Worker or our School Nurse (who is in school on Tuesday afternoons). On their recommendation we will make an exception for you.

•  Please note: If you have dinner money debts and it is decided that we cannot give your child more meals, this will take effect straight away.

On special occasions e.g. Christmas Dinner, we will, as usual, send home a letter with a reply slip for you to choose a meal option for that day.