Crab Lane Primary School

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Reception - Year 6 Admissions
If you would like your child to attend our school and they are in Reception - Year 6 please visit the local authority website:

Nursery Admissions
If your child is 2 years and 6 months or older please call into our school office and collect an application form.

30 hours Nursery places for September:
We are offering full time education to all children invited to attend our Nursery, however in order to sustain this we require parents to check their eligibility for funding of 30 hours childcare to be paid to the school. Any eligible parents must apply for the funding and provide the eligibility code to the school in the requested format. Parents are also required to renew this code as and when notified by HMRC and the school. Any additional funding the school receives for Nursery pupils will go directly to enhancing the EYFS unit. If you are not eligible they this will not have an impact on your child’s place.

Parents, please use the link below to check if you are eligible.