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Nursery Admissions

If your child is 2 years and 6 months or older please call into our school office and collect an application form.

30 hours Nursery places for September

We are offering full time education to all children invited to attend our Nursery, however in order to sustain this we require parents to check their eligibility for funding of 30 hours childcare to be paid to the school. Any eligible parents must apply for the funding and provide the eligibility code to the school in the requested format. Parents are also required to renew this code as and when notified by HMRC and the school. Any additional funding the school receives for Nursery pupils will go directly to enhancing the EYFS unit. If you are not eligible they this will not have an impact on your child’s place.

Parents, please use the link below tohttps://www.gov.uk/get-tax-free-childcare check if you are eligible.

Primary School Admissions Reception to Year 6

If you are allocated a place at Crab Lane Nursery this does not guarantee a reception place at Crab Lane Primary School. When your child is due to start Reception, you will be contacted by Manchester City Council who will give you details of how to apply on-line.

You must apply to Manchester City Council before the deadline, which is usually in the January after your child has started Nursery.
School places for children in Reception to Year 6 are dealt with by Manchester City Council’s Admissions Team.  Our planned admission number is 60 children per year group. We cannot admit children to take us above that number, unless under the direction of the Local Authority.   When you apply for a place, your child will be placed on a waiting list. This is managed by the Local Authority, to ensure fair access for all children. If a place becomes available, it will be offered to the next child on the waiting list. If you wish to appeal for a place at Crab Lane this must be via the Local Authority Integrated Admission team.

Their contact details are:
Integrated Admissions,
Manchester City Council,
PO Box 532,
Town Hall,
M60 2LA.
Telephone: 0161 245 7166
e-mail: school.admissions@manchester.gov.uk
The Council’s website   www.manchester.gov.uk/admissions  has lots of advice and copies of relevant application forms.
When your child has been allocated a place in our reception class, we will contact you to arrange transition sessions. This means that we will arrange for you and your child to visit the school and meet the staff and other children.
 Secondary School Admissions for Y6 pupils

In the October after your child starts in Year 6, you need to apply for their secondary school place. This is an on-line process administered by Manchester City Council Admissions Team. You will receive a letter explaining how to apply during the summer term when your child is in Year 5. If you have any concerns about the process, please do not hesitate to contact the school office and someone will support you.
During the summer term, pupils in year 6 will usually be visited by staff from the high school they will be attending. They will also have the opportunity to visit the high school as part of their transition.

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