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Something exciting has happened!

What bird do you think it could be?

Find out and write three facts about birds or birds nests. Or you could even make your own nest at home. We can't wait to see them! Email in to your year group teacher.

Staff that have been in school today spotted a bird making its nest in the bird box. Take a look....


We have been
lucky enough

to do some
'Forest Schools'

for Mixed Curriculum.

We learnt about the life of L.S. Lowry and discovered he is a famous artist from Salford near Manchester. We looked at examples of his artwork and found that he liked to paint a lot of factories and mills.

We then used berries and mud to create art work based on his paintings. Miss Davidge and Miss Ryan also taught us how to tie knots and we made lovely picture frames to put our work on to. Look at our fabulous work!