Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

History Day 2018

In year 3, we were learning about the 1920s! Many of the children came to school dressed in pinstriped suits, dresses with tassels, fancy hats, ties and even feather boas! We spent the morning talking about how life was different in the 1920s and we learnt all about the Suffragettes. Then, we had the privilege of watching the Network Choir deliver an amazing performance filled with incredible songs and acting. It was all about the Suffragettes!

Finally, in the afternoon, both year 3 classes gathered into the upstairs hall and learnt a dance famous in the 1920s - the Charleston! We all tried our best to swivel our feet and we were smiling from ear to ear. Some children performed their Charleston moves for everybody and even came up with their own! We loved it!