Crab Lane Primary School

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History Day 2019

In Nursery, we have been focusing on "When we were young". We have been discussing the past and how we have changed over our lifetime.

The children have brought some photos into school from when they were babies. We have played 'Guess Who?' and discussed how we have all changed. The children have gained an understanding of different time related words such as, last week, a long time ago and last week.

In Reception, History Day was fantastic! We celebrated the 1990s and we had some absolutely amazing costumes - everything from Super Mario to Liam Gallagher and Chuckie from the Rugrats!

Well done everyone! We had fun taking part in our History Day activities - whipping up some tasty Angel Delight, dancing at a 90s disco and writing labels and captions for some 90s cartoon characters.

In Year 4C, we learnt about the 1930s and 1940s. We mainly focused on World War 2, and had a look at what happened. Our first job was to create a time line of World War 2.

We then created some art and created Propaganda posters. In the afternoon, with Mr Grime, we learnt about the Battle of Britain, and then made our own spitfire planes. We dressed up in a range of costumes, from evacuees, to soldiers and Land Army girls.

In year 5, we found out that the game Trivial Pursuit was invented in the 1970s. The children used their knowledge from school to write their own Trivial Pursuit cards. They had to write a question for each category - History, Geography, Art and Literature, Sport, Entertainment and Science and Nature.

The children also looked at fashion and fabrics from the 1970s. They used those fabrics to inspire their own work, and created a piece of 'fabric' each using waxed crayons and PVA glue. The children then used their sewing skills to sew onto their newly made fabric!

Each of the children's artwork is going towards a collaborative whole class piece of art.