Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

History Day 2022

In year 4, we were looking at the 1940's. We started the day by having a time line race.
We had facts and dates hidden around the room and had to use our memory to bring information back to our group so that we could get our timeline in the right order, everyone did a fantastic job!

We then looked at what it was like for children in the 1940's during World War 2 and we researched answers to the millions of questions that we had about evacuees! Then we went to our History Day Assembly and danced our socks off! After lunch, we had a 'street party' in the classroom where we enjoyed lots of snacks! However, there wasn't enough of everything for everyone so, just like they had to do during war time, we rationed the food amongst us fairly. To fish off the day, we went out into the forest and played some games which children used to play in the 1940's such as 'sticks' and 'five stones' which took us a while to get the hang of!

Year 5 celebrated the 1920's for History Day. We looked at roaring 20's and the amazing fashion and music, comparing it with our own today.

We designed some Art Deco hats, danced the Charleston and used contemporary sources to look at the effects of WW1 on society. The children came dressed for the occasion with nurses, soldiers and many style icons from the 1920s.