Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

We had a lovely time celebrating Rainbow Day in Reception.  We wore beautiful rainbow clothing and read some fantastic stories, all about being different.

We tried different foods and talked about our likes and dislikes; we learnt that we didn’t all like the same things. We also decorated face masks for the school-wide Rainbow Day competition and drew pictures of our families and talked about what makes them special and unique. 

In Year 1, we talked about differences between people such as the way we look, our religion, the languages we speak and also how we might live with different people and have different families.

We read the story We Are Different/The Family book. We then coloured in paper face masks in a rainbow theme to show our acceptance and understanding of differences.

Year 2 completed some fabulous home learning for Rainbow Day. They listened to the story 'The Other Ark' and then designed their own unusual animals! The message of the lesson was 'it's OK to be different!'

Here are some of Year 2's fabulous masks and unusual animals:

In Year 3, we had a lovely morning. First of all, we looked at the LGBT+ Flag, what Rainbow day was, and appropriate language that we could use today.

We also discussed the different colours and created our masks for the competition inspired by the Rainbow flag.

We then read a story called Part of the Party. This is a Twinkl story and looks at what different families can look like: (Here is the book if you would like to read it!) We then created our own family trees to show that there were differences in our families, but we all loved, accepted and supported each other the same anyway.

We then discussed a story called I am Different, that looked at how we are all different from each other, and all like different things, and that is okay. We then created different animals and decorated them in different ways to represent our own personalities to show how we are all different.

In year 4 we watched a few videos from the diversity campaign a few years ago, then we talked about what love can look like between different people, friends, pets, neighbours and family.

The children then spent some time making some cards to celebrate love and diversity in our country!

In 4C, we were learning about the history of the LGBTQ+ community and the children researched and made posters about influential people or events throughout history. 

Here's a few pics of 4L's Rainbow day... our winner was Amanda for the mask competitions!

In year 5L today, we focused on diversity; in particular it’s importance and how it can be celebrated! We looked at a text about how our words are very powerful and can be offensive even if we don’t realise it so we need to be careful what we say.

We then spent some time recapping what Rainbow Day is all about and how important it is to celebrate everyone’s differences. We also looked at the history of the LGBTQ+ community and how others celebrate through events such as Pride Marches which happen all around the world. We then used discussion prompts to lead us onto some very interesting conversations where the children used their oracy skills fantastically, first in groups and then as a class. We finished off the morning looking at a range of pictures of people celebrating Pride and shared words and phrases which the images made us think of. We then used these words and phrases to create acrostic poems using words such as ‘diversity’, ‘equality’, ‘pride’ and ‘love’.

In year 6, we looked at a text all about LGBT History Month. The children completed some Guided Reading questions about the text.

The children then had to research an inspirational person from the LGBT community and create a poster about them.

The children also enjoyed designing a face mask which raises the awareness of LGBT+.

Thank you everyone for making rainbow day the huge success it was. It sounds and looks like you all had a wonderful day. We look forward to finding out who the winners of the mask design competition are and it looks like the children have made this a difficult decision to make!

Mrs. Shackleton & Miss Webb