Crab Lane Primary School

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2015 St. Anne's Beach

After a really enjoyable day at St. Anne's beach, we've found lots of lovely photos showing the fun we all had together.
And weren't we so lucky with the weather again?!?

Armed with sun cream and sun hats and with the promise of a sunny day, the Crab Lane family set off for the 2015 day trip to St. Anne’s beach (Plan B was in place but this year we knew it was going to be another perfect day for a trip to the seaside).

As the coaches left, we were waved off by lots of smiling family faces …We were on our way! The journey was great with clear roads all the way, and we even saw a hot air balloon that we waved at as we passed. I wonder if they saw us and waved back?

On arriving at St. Anne’s,
the sky was overcast but it was very warm.

We wasted no time emptying the bags, lovingly prepared by Mrs. Power, of their buckets, spades, frisbees, bats and balls. And our fun day began!!!

As the clouds cleared, we had lots of fun burying teachers and friends up to their necks in sand, it probably wasn’t quite as much fun for them but they all looked great when they were decorated with pebbles and sand fish tails…

Out came the footballs and cricket bats and balls…

There was the serious business of building sandcastles and the competition was fierce!

…and then it was time for lunch and were we ready for it?!

There’s something about being at the seaside that makes you so hungry and I don’t think there was anything left in any of the lunch boxes.

After a rest and a cool drink it was time to make the most of the afternoon. The clouds had disappeared now and after a sun cream top up, hats secured, we were off and ready for more fun!


We left a bit of room
 for our tasty ice cream treat
 at the end of the day.

Mmmm, the ice creams
were delicious!!!

Thank you Ms. Adams.

The queue might have been long but we were entertained by the resident pier keyboard player. He played lots of songs that we all knew and we clapped and danced along to them while we waited.

Before we left, we made sure that everyone knew we had been there, well at least ’til the tide came in, and it is St. Anne’s, so that won’t be for ages!!!