Crab Lane Primary School

Thought for the Week - To make friends I must act in a kind way.

The Great British Spring Clean -
Keep Britain Tidy!

On Tuesday 26th March, we called on everyone at Crab Lane School to improve the environment on their doorstep by taking part in 'The Great British Spring Clean', a campaign led by Keep Britain Tidy!

We started the day with a whole school assembly. During the assembly we shared what children would be doing, how to be safe when litter picking and expectations when leaving the school grounds. We had representatives from BIFFA waste services who came to help lead the day and brought resources for our litter pick. We all wore high-vis jackets and gloves, parent helpers too and we took turns, using pickers, to clean up our school grounds and surrounding area.

We also got to meet Wendy, one of Manchester's Street Monsters!!!
Wendy came to visit… Wendy is the original, no-nonsense street monster.
She’s tough like the metal she loves to eat!
You don’t want to mess with this one.

Meet Wendy
Wendy is such a friendly Wasteater - She loves to talk to people when she is out and about and find out how they recycle.

The sensible one - Wendy is the sensible Wasteater, making sure the others don't get into trouble

Keeping an eye out - Wendy likes to keep an eye on all of the latest recycling news

Munch Munch - Us Wasteaters have got great teeth for eating through all of the rubbish we collect

Favourite hangout - Old Trafford
Favourite food - Tin cans
Favourite film - Bins of Anarchy

Thank you to all the staff, children and parents/carers
for their support to make our community cleaner! 

Miss Davidge