Crab Lane Primary School

EYFS Open Day- Wednesday 30th November 3:30-4:15pm

World Book Day 2014

Once again, the staff and children of Crab Lane rose to the occasion and celebrated World Book Day in style.
 The school gates were opened to superheroes, supervillains, dwarfs, princesses, fairies, pirates, scary skeletons, a hungry caterpillar, Peter Pan and a Dracula. 

The day began with a blood-curdling assembly, in which Dracula
(aka Mr. Hughes) lined up six boxes filled with ghoulishly nasty surprises.

With the help of Dorothy and Toto (Mrs. Jackson), six victims....sorry, volunteers were chosen to be blindfolded and place their hands into the boxes.
Little did they know that they would be making contact with: rabbit droppings, eye balls, brains, intestines, sick and a rat!!!

The audience gasped and covered their eyes in shock as one by one, shaky hands were forced into the boxes.

Back in classrooms, the children were on a roll and the buzz and excitement from their activities was felt across the school. Fairy tales were enjoyed in nursery and reception, glasses were made for a giant in Y1, a tea party with Alice in Wonderland took place in Y2, Snow White and the Wicked Queen battled it out in Y3/4, superheroes saved the world from villains in Y5 and Shakespeare's Macbeth was celebrated in Y6.

With a spooky story from Dracula in the afternoon, complete with ear-shattering sound effects from Mrs. Shackleton, the day was complete. With joyful memories in their hearts, the children left World Book Day behind for another year.

Yet fear not, World Book Day 2015 is only a chapter or two away...