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Crab Lane Competitions

Hello children, I hope you are all keeping well. We all miss you and looking forward to seeing you soon. While you are at home and have a bit of spare time, try to take part in different kind of competitions and activities listed below. Good luck!

Please see below for more details:  

Have fun! Be active but stay safe!

                                     Mrs Fercsi      

Book Cover Competition
We have a book cover competition in our school. Drawings are still coming in and the display looks wonderful with lots of different book covers that the children have designed. Some of the children wrote book review as well to accompany their art work.

This time, I have an easy job as I am not going to be the judge.

Children are allowed one vote for their favourite cover design and the lucky winner will get an ASDA £5 gift voucher. The competition is on until 24th of May and the winner will be announced after the two weeks holiday, in the Good Work Assembly.
                                                                                                     Mrs. Fercsi

Book Cover Competition update...

What a popular competition this was! I received and put on display 47 book covers...
and then the voting began. I Received 175 valid votes from our students.

Initially, the intention was to give out three certificates but the votes were so close and all the work was so good. So instead, the top five received shiny certificates and the winner happily collected a £5 Asda voucher too!

A special certificate went out to one of the children, as he entered the competition himself but he voted for a classmate's book cover, saying :''He tried hard!''.
Which shows how our students are carrying the mission of Crab Lane,
‘Building confidence and resilience’. Congratulations children!
                                                                                                                Mrs. Fercsi

"When you are learning another language, you learn to think in that language, you learn to speak in that language and you learn to believe in that language and it allows you to think from a completely different perspective: it's not just about the words and the grammar but the culture and the language it is associated with."

Twenty year 5 and 6 children listened to Mr Basir Kazmi who educated them about poetry; what a rhyme, ghazal, refrain and couplets are. After they understood how a poem builds up, they had chances to write poems in their mother language, which they then presented to each other. Children translated it to Mr Kazmi, whom then commented on their written works and praised their creativity.

"It's a skill - a talent - and I hope those of you learning a new language continue to do so because the more you learn, the broader your mind becomes and allows you to think big.”
            Malala Yousafza Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner and education activist

'Mother Tongue Other Tongue' is a multilingual poetry competition that celebrates cultural diversity and the many languages spoken in schools in the UK. There are two separate parts to the poetry competition and children can enter one or both parts of the competition.

The 'Mother Tongue' part of the competition requires children who do not have English as a first language, or who speak a different language at home, to share a lullaby, poem or song from their Mother Tongue. They then write a short piece in English to explain the poem’s significance to them.  The 'Other Tongue' part of the competition encourages children learning another language in school to use that language creatively to write a poem.

Last year our school went to the 'Mother Tongue Other Tongue' competition celebration at Manchester University. And this year, we were privileged to have four fantastic guests in our school to help us with our preparation for this year's competition.

Malika Booker is a British poet, writer and artist. She is considered "a pioneer of the present spoken word movement" in the UK.

Organisations for which she has worked include Arts Council England, the BBC, British Council, Wellcome Trust, National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Arvon, and Hampton Court Palace.

Basir Kazmi won a North-west playwrights’ workshops award in 1992. His plays have been performed at many northern theatres. His poem, ‘Taking Time’, selected by the Poems for the Waiting Room project (2001), was displayed in UK hospitals and clinics. One of his couplets, with English translation (‘The true-hearted can settle - no matter which land. A flower wants to bloom, wherever its garden.’), was carved in stone and installed at McKenzie Square in Slough in 2008. Basir has been awarded an MBE (2013) for services to literature as a poet.

Noor Mohammad, the 'Mother Tongue Other Tongue' Project Support Officer and Robert Nelson were our guests from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Children wrote in eleven languages: Polish, Spanish, Farsi, Urdu, Cantonese, Ugandan, Portuguese, English, Italian, Arabic and Deutch. First, they wrote poems that rhymed, secondly, free style.

We had a great afternoon; the children enjoyed all the advice from the experts and gorgeous poems were created that day and the children that took part in the poetry afternoon for the Mother Tongue Other Tongue competition continued their hard work and some of them wrote new poems.

The deadline is 15th of May, so we are sending the best ones off and keeping our fingers crossed for a "WINNER" outcome. Take a look at their beautiful work, hopefully we will see all of these again at the Award Ceremony.


Last year more than 25,000 primary school children in England and Wales took part in the Premier League Writing Stars Poetry Competition.

Crab Lane was one of the first 1,000 schools to take part and today we received a Premier League bag filled with fantastic poetry books, from authors including Joseph Coelho and Julia Donaldson. All the books have been specially picked by the National Literacy Trust.

Mrs. Fercsi entered poems written by our EAL children. "Try try again" was the book they read, full of highly commended entries by 5-11 year old children, as well as poems penned by special guests. The children used their poems to inspire them.

You need:
A4 paper (any colour)
A pen or pencil to draw with (any colour)
The inside tube of a kitchen roll.
You might also use some tape or glue to stick your strips together but you don’t have to.

So, here is what
I want you to do….
Use the A4 paper in your exercise book. Fold it, then cut it in half, like in the picture, so you have long strips.
Roll your pictures onto the tube!

Hello! I’m Emma Martin and I am an artist. Some of you might have worked with me before on BIG Art projects.

I am the Schools Ambassador for the Big Draw and I have a project for you to do called ‘Drawing Us Together’.

We can all work on it while we have to stay off school.
When we reopen, your work can be displayed at school to celebrate us all getting back together. We will also be showing the work in some of Manchester’s galleries and museums when they open up again, so we can share our art with the city!

Each day, draw a picture on a strip of the paper.
Your first picture is to be about how you feel missing school.
Some of you might be excited to spend time with your family, others might already be missing their friends or be a bit worried. However you feel, it is fine to draw about it.
It’s good to share feelings.

When you have drawn your first picture, get a cardboard tube from inside a kitchen roll and ask someone to cut it in half for you (you only need one half of it). Wrap your first days work around the tube to store it. The next day add another drawing, sticking it onto the last one or just wrap it around. This way you will keep you work together and safe, but it will also keep it in order, almost like a diary.

Over the weeks our rolls will build up and get fatter with art! When you are all back at school it will be great fun to unwind them all and share experiences of our time away from school. You can follow my drawings and ideas on YouTube or just draw whatever you want. You could draw pictures of friends, families, feeling, your favourite films, songs, foods or places. You can draw real or imaginary things. You could create comic strips or illustrate stories, design a dream car or home. As long as you draw something everyday it can not be wrong.

You must have seen in the shops that kitchen rolls are hard to find at the moment! This is because people got worried and bought lots. But we need to keep calm, laugh, share, care and be creative at this time. I thought it would be funny if we all make artwork that ends up looking like kitchen rolls! It is good to laugh!

I will start posting films on YouTube on Monday 23rd March, so you can see what me and my family are drawing. Just go to YouTube and type in ‘Building the Bridge – Drawing Us Together’. You can also send me photos of your artwork through Twitter. You can find me @BuildBridgeArt and you can use the hashtag #DrawingUsTogether. It is going to be a strange time but let’s ‘Get Creative’ and make something special together. We can’t get together in school at the moment, but we can come together through art.
Take care everyone. Bye for now!

Drawing US Together’ A Building the Bridge and Manchester: City of The Big Draw Project.