Crab Lane Primary School

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Beaded Felt Bracelets

Having had lots of fun and a real sense of achievement making these bracelets in Jewellery Club, we thought the children would enjoy rising to the challenge of designing and creating their own and what a great job they did!

To decorate our felt beads we used very thin needles as the seed beads were very small and we used clear thread to sew them to the felt rolls. Each bead took about thirty minutes to make but assembling the bracelets only a few minutes. All the felt/beading combinations were unique, even though everyone wanted to use the same fantastic black and silver spacer beads that were placed in between!

Gift boxes were made and decorated to take the bracelets home in even though not all of them were to be given as presents. Thank you to all the children who took part in this project for their hard work and for amazing us with their talent and commitment. Well done!
from Mrs McGrath and Mrs Hatton

If you would like to make a felt bracelet you will need:

Felt - 5 pieces of 2cm x 5cm
5 cocktail sticks
Stretch elastic

5 round beads - any colour               
Small seed beads          
Needle - fine size 10

Cotton, the same colour as the felt

All the materials needed can be bought from Fred Aldous, Lever Street 
The Bead Shop, 1st floor, Afflecks Palace, Manchester.    

Follow the instructions below and when you have made six beads, carefully remove them from the cocktail stick and thread them onto the stretch elastic with a larger bead in between each felt bead. Tie 2 or 3 tight knots and trim off excess elastic leaving about 1cm. Gently pull the knot into the hole of a bead so it can't be seen.