Crab Lane Primary School

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Lowry Project

As part of our mixed curriculum on a 
Wednesday morning, a group of children have been looking at the work of the Salford artist - L.S.Lowry.

We started by looking at who Lowry was and how he got his inspiration. We worked over a number of weeks to build up the ideas we would use for our own painting of the school building at Crab Lane - sketching Lowry people and each other in different moving poses, mixing Lowry colours from powder paint and sketching the school building.

To get further inspiration we visited the Lowry Centre where we viewed the ‘Lowry Summer‘ exhibition which gave us the chance to see the real Lowry paintings. Take a look at the photos of our visit.


Thank you to all the children that took part in this project. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed leading it!
From Miss Johnston

We completed the project by bringing all our ideas together in a series of paintings. These can be seen on display around school.