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Pencil Cases


For this project, the children produced pencil cases using draw string bags which were chosen because they were big enough to hold plenty of equipment, even calculators, and long enough to
 fit a ruler in.

The first job was to choose a bag from a choice of red, black and natural. They looked at which colours would work best with the bag they had chosen. Natural was the most popular as any colours used would 
look good, where black was more limiting and more of a challenge.

Felt, beads, sequins and fabric pens were used to decorate the pencil cases and all the children used their sewing skills to great effect. Football borders and bleeding hearts proved to be a very popular choice with the boys. However, each bag still had its own individual look.

Well done everyone and thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm.

We think you are all very talented and are so proud of you!

Mrs McGrath and Mrs Hatton